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friday april twenty-fifth, two thousand-eight ;; eleven: fifty p.m.

As most of you can plainly see, my site has been fixed up. It was completely bedazzled [minus the wacky gun and crazy gems] and it looks fucking gorgeous. And, in cse you haven't realized it, the designer that fixed up this marvelous piece of artwork for me, was the lovely Miss. Ashley Marie Miller, aka Give Unto Me, aka my sister separated at birth. She is my all, my love, thee love of my life. Oh yes, she completes me. Mmhmm. We're like secret lesbianic lovers-slash-sisters-slash-best friends. Oh yes, 'cause we're super cool like that. Lmao. And don't be jealous Davey, there's still room in my heart for you, Poohbear =]. Anyway, Ash made this for me because she loves me and I love her and that's exactly how we roll. But actually, it was a total gift and the SWEETEST gift she could've ever given me. I mean, she knew I had a ginormous "To Do" list to complete, amoung them was a new version for this site and my designer version at DAF and she, without any force from me, said she would work up a lil' somethin' somethin for me. And I was like, spastic when I read that. I was like WOAH MY BITCH! Lmao. She asked me what style/who I wanted for a version and it was such a tough choice. I had no idea what to do or who t pick. Then, it dawned on me. I looked at my life and the things that were the most important to me and it was like, WHAM! In June, on the 28th, Dave and I wil lcelebrate our second year anniversary and we are still in love and going as strong as ever. I swear I love that man like a fat kid loves cake ; like Shannon loves Randy Orton [or Chace Crawford -- whoever the flavor of the week is, lmao] Ash loves Amy Lee ooooooor, better yet, LIKE I LOVE JEFF HARDY! Mmhmm, hawt, ain't it?! Lmao. But yeah, we are definately looking forward to June twenty-eight. My 22nd birthday, then four days later we go two years and strong. So, I thought, who better for our love and to show it off with greatness then to use Stephanie McMahon-Levesque and Paul Levesque during the McMahon-Helmsley era? They are so us, we are soooo them. I love Stephanie and I fucking adore Triple H. He loves Stephanie and he is a fan of Triple H. We both have characters that use Steph and H' that are together and, we both are fucking greatness, hehe. Well, in our mind we are. And, of course, Ashley's love and devotion to Stephanie [ESPECIALLY THE MCMAHON-HELMSLEY ERA] only encouraged her to make me this super kickass site version. So, I thank you Ash, I fucking love you soooooo fucking much. And to my baby, I love you too baby. With allllll my heart. Muuuuuuah!


img150/7434/98692863mn6.gif img149/1830/animma6.gif img150/994/20034556jo1.gif
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