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?/FONT> Webmistress... This page will give you, the viewer, the chance to get a glimpse into the lovely life of me. I've included
likes and dislikes, hobbies, favorite books and movies, favorite celebrities, sports figures, and wrestlers. And, for the first
time ever, I've given an insider's view on the most influential people in my life. I'm not talking about celebrities that I've seen,
although, there are a few celebrities that have really made an impact on my life through song, but mostly, they are teachers,
professors, counselors, family members and people I've meet and come to know along the way. Check it out!

?/FONT> Retirees... Ever wonder where the origin of the lovely Miss. Marie came from? What, or who, her very first creations were
as far as characters go? Perhaps wonder what she did prior to the current set of lovelies she currently has? Well, now's your
chance to take a back look at everything and everyone that I was before I became Chance Kennedy, Chantal Felix, Mackezie
Adams and so forth. From the recently retired, and always loveable, Miss. Marie to Kandice Blaek, one of my very first created
characters, to two of my other, not so MSN-based known characters, Chassidy Kinkade and Kiara Jordan. The information on
them is strictly limited, as I don't remember their move lists anymore, but you can get a basic feel on who they were, what they
were and where they came from. So take a sneak peek and enjoy, ladies and gents ;).

?/FONT> Friends/Enemies... Want to know who my characters mix it up with on a daily basis. Who their cliques are, who their friends
are, and who they absolutely hate and despise with a passion? Well, now you can. Simply click on the page and find out each girls
friends, enemies, lovers and, of course, the ever-popular, frienemies.

?/FONT> Friends... These are people that I consider myself to be severely close to. From my sweetie [Davey] to my best gal pals
Jigglypuff [Ash Miller] and Leachiekinz [Leah] to any other person that I really find myself talking to on like a daily basis and that
I trust totally and completely. Please note, that if you're name isn't on the list, it's not because I hate you or don't consider you a
friend, that is NOT the case at all. It's just, the people that I have listed I am just really close to. And seeing as I am a person that
doesn't trust easily, having them on this page means that I really, really trust them. So please don't be offended. I don't hate anyone,
I never could. It's not in me to hate. Plus, it takes way too much energy to hate someone and I'm already lazy as it is.

?/FONT> Fed Information... This page will include anything involving the fed. It will have an active link to the fed for people to check out,
just in case someone's ever looking for a place to join. It'll also give off information such as the show date and deadline, the Pay-Per-View
date and deadline, the number of roleplay's accepted for each match. I've also included a little section where I will list the next match my
character will be having for the show or pay-per-view, including her opponent(s), stipulation(s), and any title(s) that may be on the line.
Pretty neat. Please remember, the deadline's were converted to central standard time because that is my time zone and this is my

?/FONT> Resources... Now this page is something extra special. It's links to sites with pictures for WWE Diva's and/or Superstars, Wrestling
Sites, Sites that I've gotten tutorials from, places that I've gotten things such as backgrounds, textures, icons and so forth from. Sort of a
credit/helper page. It's really cool because, most of these sites, if not all of them, are loaded with stuff for the designer in all of us. So
check these sites out, I strongly recommend them!

?/FONT> Photographs... Now the photo's. The photo's are mainly just pictures that I've uploaded. Some of the stuff in certain folders such as the
"Photo's" and "Banners" folders are mainly for my use, carying things for my site and characters and, of course, the banners I've created for
my characters. I've also got albums that are titled "Samples", "Freebies". "Versions" and, of course, "Roleplaying Pictures" which can be used
for roleplays. The roleplaying pictures contain photo's of WWE Diva's and such, the divas that I use. In some cases, the pictures were altered to
fit my character, such as the Playboy shoot for Torrie Wilson. I've uploaded the original, in case someone plays Torrie and needs to use them,
but I've also uploaded a few "customized" ones that have "Chance Kennedy" instead of "Torrie Wilson" to fit my character Chance. Those are for
my personal use, since Chance is my character, haha. Check out the albums. They all kick total ass, I promise!