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I first met Dave back in like, 2002 or 2003. It was during the summer and we were both active roleplays in a former friend of mine's fed.
Yeah, I'm sure you all know who it is, lol. Anywho, we had a mutual friend in both that girl and Randito. Anywho, he added me [or I added
him...I don't 'member anymore] and we just became friends. Maybe it was because, at the time, we both loved Trish. For totally different
reasons, naturally, but none-the-less, we became friends. As the story goes, the friendship developed into more and now he's my Poohbear
and I heartsies him a bunches. And, even though he's such a tough guy, he's a total sweetie to me 'cause, duh! Hello who wouldn't be a
sweetie to me? I'm just too damn loveable, hehe!

Miss. Ashy...the Ashinator. Yes, yes. She and I met in late 2003 early 2004 and, because our names are just about the same Ashley Marie
MILLER and Ashley Marie LOPEZ, we had an instant connection. We joined EEW and tagged together as the infamous Danielle DiYanni and
Ashley Marie and, because we are the Ashley's, no one else compares. We're just that damn cool. And why? Because that's how we roll. More
recently, we've teamed together a second time, this time with the lovely Karina Sticino and Chance Kennedy. Regardless of who we play,
where we are and/or what we do, she will always be one of my two very best friends. I could totally see this chick as one of my Brides Maids
and/or the Maid of Honor at my wedding; the Godmother to one of my babies... and yes, even my hot lesbian lover [at least, in Dave's dreams.
Hehe! J/k!]

Leachiekiz. I've known her the longest. We first met in 2001 when I started coming online. We joined this wrestling chatroom and she was Torrie
Wilson and I was Lita. We dated two guys that were close friends and, on those really weird occassions do sometimes. We clicked instantly. Our
personalities are just so insync and compatible, she's like my younger twin sister from a different mama....and year, haha. We've even owned a site,
formerly known as "Lita'n'Trish" or "LnT" together, when we first started coming on MSN Groups. At first, it was a site strictly for she and I and our Trish
and Lita stuff, then it turned into a huge picture site for Diva's, Models, Entertainers and just everyone, and then, eventually, it developed into a design
site. Of course, like all good things, LnT's end came abruptly, when someone hacked it :(. Anywho, Leah has been my best friend for six long years and,
hopefully, she will be my very best friend for the rest of our lives. She knows me better than probably anyone ever could and vice versa. Wanna know
something else, that's really funny about me and Leah? We have our own very secret code language that no one else could ever understand but, we do.
We understand each other perfectly. And, even if others think we're stupid or retarded or cute for using our code language, its our own way of telling each
other important info without anyone else knowing. I love Leah, she's my bestest galpal, my Lady G and she always will be. No matter what!

And of course, there's Randito. Now this story is one for Jerry Springer, or Maury Povich. We've gone from friends to lovers to enemies to friends to lovers to
enemies to friends again. It's a crazy circle of awkwardness for us, lol. But, regardless of what fights we may have, somehow, we've managed to become
friends again. I've known him since like 2002 as well, just a few months before Dave and I met, haha. And yes, Dave and Randito are best friends. Anywho,
even though he hates to admit it, Randito has my back and I gots his 'cause, we're just crazinesses like that. Mmhmm. Especially 'cause, if we fight, he knows
I'd totally kick his ass, haha!

Kendierara. She is super awesome and though she gets mad when I call her character Carly Mendelwhore, she still loves me regardless. We're
like a dream team or something because, apart, we're fucking fantastic but together -- ho's best watch out -- KENDASHY CONNECTION IS
Lmao. We're just cool like that. ;).

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