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Emma is super special, mainly because she has no problems being 100% totally honest and open with me and tell me what she thinks. She has
been the biggest help in me putting together some of my characters mainly because I will ask her opinion on a certain storyline, poser, name or
gimmick and she'll be 100% honest with me. I'll let her see the work in progress and she'll let me know how it is and what it should be, and correct
any mistakes I have. I appreciate that more then anything -- I need more people like her in my life. <3 ya Emms and thanks for allllll of your help

RYANBRYAN!!!!! I loves him to pieces, he's fucking fabulous. From his "killer" moment -- and he knows what I'm talking about. I won't say anything
'cause I promised, but it's a really funny ass story, lol -- to his greatness with his character and my absolute fave of his, Ryan Payne. This boi makes
me laugh on so many levels. We could be up, late at night just being retarded, talking about the most random stuff from our Ryan Payne banging
every one of my female characters to football to fears and dreams to whatever comes to mind. He is super cool and he's the first person that's called
me GiggleBox since eighth grade. Which I totally am a gigglebox...I laugh all the time and always have a smile on my face. I'm just a chipper kind of
gal, lol. Thanks for being so awesome, RyanBryan!

Now this fella, this fella is a cocky little fuck that I love to pieces. And not in like that romantically "Omg yes!" sort of way. Duh, that's what Davey is for,
hehe. But he and I have been friends since 2001. I met him through Leah and, of course, we barely talked at the beginning. I dunno, he seemed so mean
and cocky like and I was so not that type of person. But, eventually, after a couple months of being mere "acquintinces" we became friends and the
friendships just developed over the years. Hello, six years, duh! He's someone I turn to when I have trouble with my car, because he's a car geek. Yes,
GEEK! And yes, during those times when I was just feeling so down in the dumps [i.e. Last Year around Christmas time] he managed to give me hope that
good people still exsisted. Of course, it was all through bribery when I would beat him at Checkers ['cause, despite what he says, I ALWAYS WON!] and, yeah.
He's like a big brother to me. A really weird, mean, brother that can make me scream and wanna yank out his hair yet, I still love him kind of brother.
Especially when he goes into his "Told'ja so" bits. I hate him when he does that. I hate when he's I make it a habit for him to NOT be right...if I can
possibly avoid that. Anywho, Squishieface is really nice, even though he tries to put off this cocky, gangster, "I'm a tough guy that'll kick your ass" type of
personality. He's as soft as a teddy bear. Okay, maybe not that soft but, you get my point, haha. Anywho, to my big brother -- STOP MAKING BABIES

Britt and I have known each other for a little over a year and its been great. Like any friendship, we've had our up's and down's but its only made the
friendship that much stronger. Especially when we share an equal love for Law & Order: SVU [Special Victim's Unit] and a passion to want to end
Danielle's time on there. Trust me, we practically leaped for joy when the bitch aired her last episode as an SVU person. Couldn't have been more ecstatic.
She's an amazing designer, roleplayer and friend, and I am so glad that we made it through our rough patch.

Shanizzle and I haven't really known each other that long, but evenstill, she's never given me a reason to not trust her. She's been an absolutely
amazing friend to me and, though I've only ranted to her like two or three times, she hasn't gone around like other people that claimed to be my
friend, and blabbed it around town. We slowly starting to talk a lot on MSN, and although we probably don't fully know each other all that well and the
trust is slowly starting to build up, I know I've got a friend in her in a time that I may need one. She also listens to all my stupid idea's about fedding and
storylines, which takes a lot, trust me, lol. Thanks a bunches, Shanizzle.

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