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From: MSN Nickname•qυєєησƒнєαятѕ™?/nobr>  in response to Message 5Sent: 2/6/2009 8:04 PM
Out Of Character: Here is my first and only. Sorry about the delay, school has had me swamped the past two weeks, what with my essay due and TWO freakin' tests back to back. Please forgive me. This is going up past the six hour deadline so I don't even know if it'll count but I've been trying to post it since forever ago. Fucking MSN and IE kept freezing and I was frustrated and blah. So if it counts then yay and if not then bah, oh well. good luck to my opponents and i am sooooo sorry Angela for not giving more effort this week. I promise, it'll all change soon, for all of my active characters [Jeanie and Bridgette]! Thanks and good luck :)

The week had gone by like normal, compared to last week for the lovely, red headed Bridgette Pryor. Last week she was abducted and held against her well for nearly three days before her capture was scared away by the sounds of oncoming sirens, leaving her there to fend for herself. Bridgette never had much appreciation for Police officer’s until that night…when they found her, untied her and got her the medical care she needed. She spent the next twenty-four hours under hospital supervision and observation, police in and out of her room constantly trying to get a statement from her, any sort of help she could offer that would lead them to the suspect…the person that abducted her from the ‘safety?she felt was WGEF. And, add to that, a man she had been quite close to, often times very intimate with, Chris McKenzie’s untimely passing…it was just far too much for the young Bridgette to bare. She was definitely eager to get back into the ring, to take out some of this pint up frustrations that she had out on someone and she saw this match as her escape. It’d be only her second time in the ring, during her tenure with World’s Greatest E-Federation and she’d be teaming with a woman she barely knew, could barely trust and probably could not get along with, even if they were forced to…she was a veteran in the eyes of WGEF but a “spot filler?as they call them. She’d been with WGEF for God knows how long now…anywhere from two to three years, if not longer, and the only thing she’s really known for, is her win at a previous Royal Rumble. That’s not exactly what we would all call qualified to pass judgment over who is better or worse between the two. Had Bridgette accomplished anything during her career with WGEF? No, but then again, she hasn’t been with the company for that long. Not as long as Serenity had…the partner, of course. Either way, the two egotistical, self-professed bitches would join forces in order to achieve one great, common task…to rid the world, and WGEF, of having to endure any more Jarrett bullshit. They would team up in a ‘finishers only?contest against sisters Amy and Michelle Jarrett, who were the nieces…granddaughters…daughters…seventh cousin, twice removed…to Jeff Jarrett and Grandpappy Jarrett. Seriously, the last time anyone gave a flying fuck about Jeff Jarrett was during his whole controversial “I am a thirteen time world champion, I’m better then you Triple H?charade when TNA first went on the air. And that was short lived because everyone saw him for the lying sack of shit that he was. Thirteen times my ass, you little shit stain, and you’ve barely been a champion FIVE times at that point. And the only reason he’s got any sort of clout in TNA now, is because he gave himself the belt.

It must be nice to have a powerful seat on the championship board of a company that you hold a highly significant office to. You have pull, and when you have pull like that and you’re trying to make a career for yourself ?because everyone else thought you suck, and it’s true Jeff…you do?-- and you use that pull to your benefit and those that are close to you. Thus, a multi-timed TNA World Champion. And, it’s rather pathetic, if you ask me…that he has to sit there and use his powers of persuasion…or rather, his powers, to get himself noticed in the company, to keep the belt around himself. He’d get it…hold it for five or six months…lose it for a month, maybe two, while he went on “vacation?and then come back and POOF! He was the champion again. That must really be awesome to be able to do that…but see me, I’ve got this thing where I feel I’d rather earn my accomplishments then be handed them. It makes the bragging rights I get that much sweeter to taste. Not to mention it works wonders for one’s ego, to know that I am the absolute fucking best, that there is no one better. To know that I am the shit, the poo, and everyone has to get used to it. But, Jeff Jarrett’s not like that. He felt he got fucked over in WWE by Vince and, of course he’d feel that way. He’s an egotistical bastard! But, Jarrett, you were never fucked over in WWE…Vince said you sucked for a reason, sweetheart, and that’s because you do! You couldn’t wrestle your way out of a brown paper bag, even if you had how-fucking-to instructions to go along with it. There is no “Wrestling for Dummies?book that’s been published and printed. But hey, if you want to live a life full of lies, if you want to be known as the man that had to GIVE himself everything he’s claimed to have “earned?then so be it. Who am I to judge you for being suckier then all that sucks in the world. You’re lame and everyone knows it, that’s why no one respects your ass, that’s why no one fucking likes you. Get used to it, bitch boy, you will never be in the Hall of Fame.

This brings us to your most precious commodity right now, your little nieces…Amy and Michelle. You “taught them everything you know?and, judging by their skills right now and the fact that they couldn’t cut a promo if their lives depended upon it, I’d say that you really didn’t teach them all that much, did’ja Uncle Jeff?! Exactly my point! This match should be easier then a big ole?fatty swallowing an apple pie whole! On Smackdown, the Jarrett sister's are going to find themselves in a situation much like their uncle seems to constantly find himself in...they are going to fail!

As the WGEF scene opens up, standing backstage with a microphone in hand was WGEF interviewer Kris Dawson. She looked as simple as ever, nothing that would give her even the slightest attention. Standing next to her, of course, was the beautiful and quite fierce, Bridgette Pryor. Her flamming red hair was left down to, draping over her shoulders. She looked as beautiful as ever, naturally...of course, the look on her face seemed to tell the story more then anything else. She was focused, she was fierce, she was not in a happy mood on this Friday night. Her match was only a few short minutes away, she had just enough time to get in a few quick words regarding her match.

"Ladies and gentlemen, standing next to me is a woman that's had, probably, one of the worst weeks of her entire life. Just last week someone dressed in black, some mysterious person, snuck into the building and abducted her. For three days she was missing, she was being held hostage, against her will until finally Police managed to track her down through clues and hints from witnesses in the area. Unfortunately, her attacker and abductor got away but Bridgette here, she managed to escape unharmed with only minor bumps and bruises. Now, if that wasn't enough to break you down, the loss of your good friend Chris McKenzie could've certainly done the trick. And now, tonight, she has to focus on facing two girls from a legendary family, Amy and Michelle Jarrett in a Finisher's Only match. Whomever might hit their finishing move first would score the victory for their team. Tell me Bridgette, how do you feel going into this match tonight?"

•?BRIDGETTE PRYOR •?BR>"How do I feel? I am annoyed...frustrated...pissed off. I've got so much aggression in me right now, so much frustration that has built up inside of me, Kris, that I am seriously thinking of hurting someone tonight. Be it Amy or Michelle, I really couldn't careless at this point. Both of those little bitches are going to learn that grandpappy Jarrett and 'great' Uncle Jarrett's fucking legendary career means nothing to the people here in WGEF. Hell, neither of them are legendary any goddamn way. They are both dumbass, losers...they are failures in this industry, just like Amy and Michelle will be in their own careers. And their failure begins tonight, when myself and my partner for the evening -- a one time thing -- Serenity Chambers-Reso and I beat them in the center of that ring. I have had a shitty week and I am looking to take all of that pint up, ruthless aggression that I have buried deep inside of's all going to come out on those fugly mugs that those bitches managed to be 'blessed' with at birth. Last week I lost one of my best friends in Chris McKenzie. He and I have been extremely close for months, since my arrival in WGEF back last August...and despite our differences and the fact that we lost contact for a couple of months there, we managed to find that friendship again and he's gone forever. It's not fair, Kris but you know what, neither is life. That was made abunduntly clear the moment these two hacks walked into this company. And sadly enough, they'll be stuck with us tonight. Fortunately, though, Serenity and I have an opportunity to make their careers here in WGEF both short-lived and over before they ever had a chance of beginning. Michelle and Amy, your medicore ring skills aren't going to get you anywhere tonight. Tonight, you're going to walk into that ring, you're going to look all skippy and happy, but by the time that Serenity and I are done with you, those smiles will be permanantly wipped off your faces! I have this feeling, this urge to permanantly disfigure a bitch tonight and two are the lucky girls!"

The look on Bridgette's face seemed to speak more then her words could. There wasn't that usual cocky grin that she always wore, she was straight serious and dead focused on beating the ever-loving hell out of Michelle and Amy Jarrett tonight.

"And what of your partner? You and Serenity have never worked together before, I don't think..until a few short weeks had ever even spoken before. And now you have to go into this match and are expected to trust her, to rely on her, to use her as 'back up' in helping you beat Amy and Michelle Jarrett...that must pose some serious questions, concerns and doubts in the back of your mind."

Image Hosted by•?BRIDGETTE PRYOR •?/FONT>
"Serenity Chambers-Reso and I are not friends, we don't know each other. She can be just like every other bitch in this company and assume that she knows what is going on between myself and Chris...or what was going on between myself and Chris but sadly, she doesn't. Just like I don't know what's going on between herself and her husband Jason. And sweetheart, I don't want to. I am not here to make friends with you or anyone else. If I happen to, then so be it and if not, then oh fucking well, life sure does go on. Tonight, it's not about you and I making nice or playing fair, and it's damn sure not about meeting my new best friend new BFF. Tonight it's about going out there and doing the one thing we do best, doing the one thing we both want to do and that is beat the shit out of Amy and Michelle Jarrett. You and I have that in common, we want them out of this company and together, Serenity, you and I can achieve that. But, once the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled. Once the match is over and done with, you don't know me and I don't know you. We're back to being separate entities and doing our own thing."

"Well Bridgette, I wish you the best of luck tonight, your match is next and, it would seem that Serenity and yourself are definitely fueled to kick a little a'!" she said, with a smile. "Thanks for your time and hopefully this week will end on a much better note then last week ended on!"

"Luck is for losers, Kris. Losers like you and like those two Jarrett bitches. See, they won't be as lucky as Ivy Stratus was months back when she managed to score a huge upset and walk out the WGEF Women's Champion...only to lose it two weeks later to a far better champion, Jeanette. Tonight, luck will not be on the Jarrett sister's side. Nothing and no one will. Tonight, Serenity and I will welcome them to the world of professional wrestling and boot them right the hell on out of it at the same time. Why? Simply because we can. Tonight, this match is dedicated to Christopher Allen McKenzie; may you rest in peace baby!" she said, which seemed to surprise the crowd. They really hadn't made public their torrid 'affair' until now. "Now, if you'll excuse me, Kris, I've got two bitches to beat down and no time for the likes of you!"

Bridgette smirked in a cocky manner as she nudged her way past Kris. Heading towards the black curtain, both Jarrett girls managed to make it to the ring by now, it was left solely up to Serenity and Bridgette to get out there and make quick, light work of their "opponents" for the night, Michelle and Amy Jarrett.