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The·life·of·a·teenage·drama·queenContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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;The Dollface

I'm Melody Mary Ann [Two different names] and I'm not telling you my last name. I have long light brown hair and brown eyes and creamy tan skin. I'm petite and smaller than the average woman; 5'1 and 112 pounds.

I am interested in Fashion design; I love designing clothes, making jewelry and pretty things. I also love dance
and was a ballerina at the age of 9-12, although I do hip-hop and other kinds as well. I also write on a daily basis. I am fluent in English and know bits and pieces of German, French, Italian and Spanish.

I'm a shoe fetishist like Carrie Bradshaw especially for Jimmy Choo's, Christian Louboutain and Manolo Blahnik. I think Manolo Blahnik is GOD and would LOVVEEE for him to design a shoe after perky, petite, sassy me. I admire everything about him.

I am special and awesome and you wish you were me.

Designers I like and why:
Christian Dior - I love his style, I love his muses, I love John Galliano. His pieces are feminine and soft and embrace the female form. I'm the Miss Dior Cherie.

Nicolas Ghesquiere (Balenciaga) - He is something the fashionindustry desperately needs. He believes in the present and the future and doesn't rely solely on past styles. Nicolas is truly innovative and I love his Balenciaga bags.

Coco Chanel - I don't even need to explain why. Chanel represents the classy side of me juxtaposed with girly,
pretty and edgy.

;;My Favourite sex and the city episodes
1. Ex and the city
2. The real me
3. A woman's right to shoes
4. La Douleur Exquise! 
5. The Domino effect 
6. The Big Journey
7. I heart NY
;; Lost eps
1. Do no Harm
2. What Kate did
3. Through the looking glass.
4. Eggtown
5. All the best cowboys have daddy issues.
6. I do.
7. Something nice back home

Sex and the City - Carrie and Big
Traveler - Jay and Kim
Lost - Kate and Jack