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The·life·of·a·teenage·drama·queenContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Upon being invited to what sounded like "Club Poker" over the phone, Rebecca quickly agreed to a meeting at the club. It was Tara Wilson on the other end wondering if Rebecca wanted to hang out and something else Bex didn't quite catch due to the loud music in the background on the other end. Throwing on her smallest red dress that accented her cleavege and elongated her stick thin legs, she arrived at the club on the arms of Lola Star's current play thing - Brody Jenner. Much to her dismay, she found herself looking at "Club Poke Her" in bright red lights flashing over the main enterance. As she entered, she bumped into what looked like a cross between a clown and Paris Hilton and almost screamed for dear life.

“What on earth are you??/STRONG> exclaimed the light haired vixen as Rene Rosenburg walked pasted her.

Brody Jenner shot Rene a glare and then, with his head tucked down, ran behind Rebecca as if he wished to hide from the flaming tart that Rene was.

"Bitch, what's your problemo?!" inquired Rene, hands on her hips while she waved a well manicured index finger at Rebecca. "Are you for real just hating on me? Girlfriend, you're just a jealous hoe."

Shuddering at first and then laughing cattily, Rebecca held up her middle finger at the tranny. She pushed her body up against Brody Jenner in a very suggestive manner.

"Why would I be jealous of a transvestite who doesn't ever get laid? The boys love me more which makes YOU jealous of me."

With a gasp, the tranny almost tried to taunt Rebecca but the pyro princess wasn't having any of it. She threatened to set Rene's fake extensions on fire but as it was already bright red, she deemed it unnecessary. The transvestite left without further argument, continuing her Naomi Campbell walk towards her car in hopes that she wouldn't fall on her ass like the model. Rebecca, on the other hand, entered the club with Brody despite the fact that she was aware of it being a strip club.

"Becky!" shrieked Tara who made small steps towards her and received a hug from one of the godmother's of her baby. "So glad you made it," she said as they broke free.

"Oh God, Tara!" exclaimed Rebecca, sounding a tad bit annoyed. "I thought we were going to play poker but then I come here and find a club "poke her". At first Brody and I were going to turn around and try to look for a Club Poker until I stumbled upon this tranny outside. I just knew this had to be the place," she says while eyeing the area with a soft frown on her face. "What the hell was Ryan thinking?"

"I know, I tried to talk him out of it but to no avail-" said Tara who then suddenly gazed at her blonde friend with a smirk upon her face. "I just beat up this stupid slut in the ladies room."

The girls immediately chuckled as though they were oozing evil, which they probably were due to being locked in a place with self loathing whores who wished to be as hot as the playmates/wrestlers/everthing under the sun that they were. For a minute, Brody Jenner felt awkward until the attention shone on him as though he were under a spot light.

"You know Brody," Rebecca says as she places a hand on his shoulder.

Tara nodded.

"I just wanted to say that you're smoking fucking hot," muttered Brody upon taking Tara's hand. "I'd bang you but your boyfriend would probably kill me himself."

"What about your-" said Tara, shooting Rebecca a perplexed glance before continuing. "-girlfriend?"

"She said I can hook up with whoever I wanted to. She's not really my girlfriend." He then looked from side to side, eyeing all the women dancing on poles scantily clad.

"Go," Rebecca said before almost pushing him.

And like a kid at the candy store he rushed towards his favorite one.

"So tell me about this tranny," Tara suggested as the two blondes walked away finding other means of entertainment than the whores Ryan Payne probably picked blindfolded.