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Blondie Baby 2.0Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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        Kaylee9.jpg picture by marrisaKSCWE1010

Roleplay Title

Next Match



Kaylee Gets Psychotic

Psychotic Games

married to Kurt Angle

serving the best Milk & Pie around and winner of Hooters Cancun Modeling Competition

 :|: "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi hits the PA system. The crowd boos as Kaylee Angle comes out on the top of the ramp. She smiles to the crowd and walks down the ramp. :|:

0 (17)

[[-Miss Shannon-]]- Making her way to the ring.............KAYLEE ANGLE!

:|: The crowd continues to boo as Kaylee smiles and gets into the ring. Miss Shannon hands her a microphone. :|:

0 (33)

[[-Kaylee Angle-]]- I'm out here to address that little whore Julianne Helmsley! That's right, I said whore! Only a whore gets pregnant, married and then tossed out like a sack of potatoes for another woman! At Psychotic Games, it's you and me. You will not be able to leave the ring on your own and neither will your present husband. The Angles are a couple you don't want to mess with and you've messed with us. And Alyssa, just who do you think you are saying I'm the weaker diva between Kelli and myself? I can hold my own in the ring and I certainly can beat you in this ring. But since Julianne is a whore and thinks that everyone is just so sweet and innocent, I'm going to teach her a lesson. The Helmsley will be broken at Psychotic Games.

:|: Kaylee drops her microphone and leaves the ring. :|:

TBC: anyone

O R   O M C   R E S

bb2.jpg image by marrisaKSCWE1010

file//:Disclaimer; This Layout Is Kelli-Made For Mine Use Only As Kaylee Angle Through K&SCWE and Blondie Baby. If I Find That Any Part Of This Table Has Been Taken, Altered In Any Way, Used Without Permission,You Will Be Severly Bitched At! It's Not That Hard To Make a Table! Anyways, Thanks For Listening And Have a Nice Day!