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Blondie Baby 2.0Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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kelli6.png picture by marrisaKSCWE1010

|Role Play Title|

King of the Ring Roleplay #2

|People Used/People Mentioned|

Kelli  / Victoria


Matt / Victoria, DX & everyone else


married to Matt Hardy V1


SKCW World Women's Champion*,WCW Women's Champion, SD Women's Champion(3x), SCWE Women's Champion(6x), SCWE Women's Tag Champion(2x), 2004 WCW Queen of The Ring, SWYG Champion(10x), 2003 Playboy Covergirl, 2004 Playboy Covergirl, 2004 KSCWE Golden Thong Winner, 2005 Playboy Covergirl, 2005 Sexy & Seductive Winner, 2006 Sexy & Seductive Winner, 2006 Playboy Covergirl, 2006 Miss SKCW Nude, KSCWE Hall of Famer & KSCWE Divas Hall of Legends

:|: Kelli Hardy is seen backstage standing over a table seemingly to be writing something. The camera turns to revail a piece of paper with black ink called "The List". Kelli writes down Victoria, Zoe, Alyssa, Jaime and Lindsey. She looks behind her shoulder and smiles. She grabs her title and folds the paper up, puts it into her pocket and walks off. :|:

[[-Kelli Hardy-]]- Just you girls wait until I get through with you.

:|:  She walks down the hallway and sees Alyssa and Lindsey talking. They kiss as Alyssa walks off towards the gym. Lindsey smiles and starts to walk towards Kelli as she hides behind something. Lindsey is chewing gum and twirls her hair not noticing Kelli. All of a sudden Kelli grabs Lindsey from behind and covers her mouth from screaming. :|:

[[-Kelli Hardy-]]- Now, we aren't going to scream now are we?

:|: Lindsey knods her head. :|:

[[-Kelli Hardy-]]- Good. You being apart of DX was the worst decision you've ever made. Since you're obviously the weakest diva in DX, I'm going to use you to send my first message to Victoria that I'm not the bitch to mess with. And I'll get under Alyssa's skin as well for messing with her pretty little girlfriend.

:|: Kelli gets a sick smile on her face as Lindsey's eyes widen. Kelli walks off dragging Lindsey behind her. They walk into Alyssa's locker room and shuts the door. Horrible screams can be heard while Kelli sadistically laughs. Moments later, Kelli walks out with a smile and pulls out the paper from her pocket. She takes a red pen and crosses off Lindsey's name. Kelli brushes her hands and walks off confidently. :|:

TBC: Anyone...












S K C W ' S   G O L D E N   C O U P L E

bb3.jpg picture by marrisaKSCWE1010

file//:Disclaimer; This is an offical Kelli as Kelli Hardy Roleplay. Do not take anything in this roleplay! Do not take the layout ether! This layout is copyrighted to Depressed Designs! If you would like one then please request one there, thank you.