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Blondie Baby 2.0Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Melissa Talks About Triple H's Retirement


no one

OverDrive Ringside Announcer, Former OverDrive Backstage Interviewer & Former Genocide Ringside Announcer

 :|: "Move Along" by the All-American Rejects hits the sounds system and the crowd cheers and whistles. Melissa comes out to the top of the ramp and poses for the crowd. She doesn't seem to be her normal happy-go-lucky self and walks down the ramp. :|:

[[-Ring Announcer-]]- Making her way to the ring she is the OverDrive Ringside Announcer......Melissa!!

:|: Melissa pouts her lip and slowly gets into the ring. She is handed a microphone and begins to speak. :|:

[[-Melissa-]]- I am out here tonight to talk about one of the most upsetting things to ever happen in SKCW! That's right! It's Triple H's retirement. Last night on OverDrive, Triple H announced that he will be retiring from SKCW. Now, for me, who did not know him too well, I am still devistated. I do not know about the rest of SKCW, I but have certainly gained respect for him and his career and I have this pictures to share...

:|: Melissa begins to cry. :|:

[[-Melissa-]]- ...I'm sorry guys, I cannot continue...

:|: Melissa drops her microphone and leaves the ring crying. :|:

TBC: anyone


bb4.jpg image by marrisaKSCWE1010

file//:Disclaimer; This Layout Is Kelli-Made For Mine Use Only As Melissa Through K&SCWE and Blondie Baby. If I Find That Any Part Of This Table Has Been Taken, Altered In Any Way, Used Without Permission,You Will Be Severly Bitched At! It's Not That Hard To Make a Table! Anyways, Thanks For Listening And Have a Nice Day!