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From: MSN Nickname×Marrisa·Bischoff×  in response to Message 5Sent: 9/26/2008 2:16 AM

D i v a   P e r s o n a l s : J a i m e   L a v e l l e

jaiperson.jpg picture by skcwdivas

Todays Edition;
Jaime Lavelle

Past Editions;
Scarlett Davis, Kelli Hardy, Kelly Justice, Rose Thorn, Oktober Roberts, Stacy Mason

Height: 5'7
Weight: 120lbs
Debut: January 2005
Dating Status: Dating; Charlie Haas

Best Accomplishment;
Being in the Hall of Fame.

T h e   W o r l d ' s   G r e a t e s t   W o m a n

M i s s   J a i m e   L a v e l l e

(1)Are your boobs real?
Yes, end of story.

(2)Would you rather have 30 second sex or watch paint dry?
30 second sex that at least Charlie enjoys.

(3)Where were you the whole time Charlie was canoodling with Trish Monroe?
I was at home with my family. My grandmother passed away and it was hard on all of us. Charlie told me it would be okay for me to go and be with them. Of course, he visited when he could and I came back when my family was okay.

(4)________ doesn't deserve his penis because ______.
Jerome Morris, because he clearly cannot please his ex-wife Trish and he could never complete with the greatest athlete Charlie.

(5)For one millions dollars would you give a strip tease to VIP infront of Jaws?
No, the only one who gets a Jaime Lavelle strip tease is Charlie.

(6)Who is your worst enemie?
Trish Monroe, because she trying to get Charlie from me.

(7)Have you ever had sexual dreams about lesbiens?

(8)Have you ever found a Trish Monroe and Charlie Haas sex tape in your home?
That's a ridiculous!

(9)Have you ever danced in a cage?
Once, at a club, but Charlie was in their with me.

(10)What's the best rumour you've heared about yourself?
I recently heard that Charlie and I made a sex tape just to prove that we love each other.

(11)Do you like seafood?
Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I love lobster, crab and shrimp the best.

(12)Would you rather pose topless or bottom less?
Topless, but of course with Charlie's permission and I don't think that will be happening soon.

(13)Who's boyfriend or husband would you steal?
My own is very popular lately.

(14)Who's the most boring diva?
Trish Monroe, honestly bores me. She just thinks she is

(15)What would you say is your hidden talent?
It's weird, but I can touch my tongue to my nose...

(16)Who would you say is the skankiest diva?
There are quite a bit in the naughty diva competition.

(17)Do you happen to like fishing?
I actually have never been.

(18)__________ was such a slut when she________, because...
Trish Monroe, when she thinks she is getting closer to Charlie, because she isn't.

(19)You're laying in bed with boyfriend Charlie Haas, and tonight you've invited another member of Jaws into the bed with you. Who would it be and why?
No one could ever join the World's Greastest Couple of Charlie and I.

(20)Who is your idol?
Kelli Hardy, because I learned a lot from her and being with Hunter and all of them. It was great to learn from the best, even if I don't normally wrestle. 

T h i s   h a s   b e e n   a   D i v a s   P e r s o n a l

b a n n e r   a n d   l a y o u t   m a d e   b y   H a v o c I n H e e l s