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Diabetic Tools of the Trade
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Frio Cooler

By Christine.
Frio cooler is great for keeping insulin cold when you have no electricity available or will be traveling.  They are activated by water and work for up to 48 hours at a time and are reusable.  They come in various sizes and colors ..depending on your needs. 
Recommended by MSN NicknameChristineKip, 10/20/2003.

B-D Safe-Clip

By Becton Dickinson Consumer Health Care (BD).
This is a needle clipper.  Dylan Gypsy got me one of these needle clippers and I love it!  I've given a few to friends since then.  Ask for them at the Pharmacy,where they are kept behind the counter.  Very handy not to have to carry my big sharps container in the RV when we travel anymore.
Recommended by MSN NicknameSuzannaOR, 10/21/2003.

Diabetic Bracelets

By unique medical jewelry.
These bracelets are unique and stylish while still providing the medical symbol/medical information.  These are simply an alternative to the conventional medicalert bracelets.  They aren't for everyone but they ARE for people who will not wear a conventional medical bracelet because they want something that looks more stylish.  Just another option.
The site was started for a type 1 juvenile diabetic who didn't want to wear her medical jewelry because of how it looked. 
The website is
Recommended by MSN NicknameChristineKip, 10/21/2003.

a1c to mg/dl to mmol/L conversion chart

By .
If your A1c is this:  Your average mean daily plasma blood sugar
is around this:
  mg/dL mmol/L
12.0% 345 19.5
11.0% 310 17.5
10.0% 275 15.5
9.0% 240 13.5
8.0% 205 11.5
7.0% 170 9.5
6.0% 135 7.5
5.0% 100 5.5
4.0% 65 3.5


Recommended by MSN Nicknamedavidrr07_, 11/12/2003.

AIC to blood sugar

By .
Recommended by MSN NicknameChristineKip, 7/3/2004.

conversion chart

By .
mmol/l     mg/dl     interpretation
   ------     -----     --------------
     2.0        35      extremely low, danger of unconciousness
     3.0        55      low, marginal insulin reaction
     4.0        75      slightly low, first symptoms of lethargy etc.
     5.5       100      mecca
    5 - 6     90-110  normal preprandial in nondiabetics
     8.0       150      normal postprandial in nondiabetics
    10.0       180     maximum postprandial in nondiabetics
    11.0       200     
    15.0       270     a little high to very high depending on patient
    16.5       300
    20.0       360     getting up there
    22          400     max mg/dl for some meters and strips
    33          600     high danger of severe electrolyte imbalance

Recommended by MSN NicknameChristineKip, 7/17/2004.

ZIPpouch Leather Carrying Case

By New small compact case. The ZIPpouch Diabetes Case made from fine quality genuine LEATHER, the ZIPpouch is made to hold the new smaller size monitors, lancet devices, insulin, syringes, or insulin pens. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, or carry in your purse, briefcase, or backpack. Cost only $12.99 including delivery. Recommended by MSN NicknamemkZ005, 12/7/2004.

various insulin, nutrition and charting tools

By for fine-tuning your control. The whole website, owned by John Walsh while commercial, had lotsa useful stuff Recommended by MSN Nicknamedavidrr07_, 2/16/2005.

Diabetes Search Engine

By Diabetes Search Engine. Recommended by MSN Nickname-karend1, 8/14/2007.