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Useful Links
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This is the website for the "Low Carb and Lovin' It" program on Food Network TV.  George Stella is the chef who has lost 240 pounds on a low carb diet.   Lots of great recipes at this site.
More Medication Help links -
Great idea Suz. Here's a few more assistance links that's helped people I know. Some also accept donations.
- -
This is the first person I met when starting chatting.  He died 10 months after I met him.  His name was Gary Hempleman and he was a Type 1 diabetic.  His diabetic poetry is amazing, but bring a tissue. -

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes are discussed in on this website to promote patient education. Well-balanced meals are vital for Diabetic compliance. This site gives the patient ideas for diabetic meals that encourage creativity. Free glucose meters help save the patient money and simple access to discount diabetic supplies at little or no out of pocket expense encourages the patient to take an active role in their health care and promotes adherence to their prescribed medical parameters.Please share this valuable website with others! <o:p> </o:p>

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Online Drug Store - -
This is a great site by an artist who happens to be a diabetic.  His life story and explantion of diabetes are really great - and they are all illustrated with wonderful drawings. 
RemedyFind: Diabetes - Remedyfind is a free, international and unbiased site (not sponsored by any drug companies etc.) that lets individuals rate the effectiveness of the treatments they have used for specific health conditions, including Diabetes.
A couple more Midication Help links -
Benefits -
The following web site may help in procuring medictions and other benefits in the USA:
HbAlcTest Results -
The first site gives HbAlc test results and their plasma blood glucose equivalents (mg/dl).  Most of our meters are plasma now.
The second site gives charts of HbA1c Test Results and their whole blood sugar equivalents.  There is a chart of mmol/L equivalents and a chart for mg/dl equivalents.
Suzanna -
An importand diabetes link.
Itsme -
Diabetic Neuropathies information.
Itsme -
This site has natural products. -
GlucoMenu offers a complete meal plan (menus, recipes, grocery lists, and nutrition facts).   Menus include all meals and snacks.    A variety of calorie levels are available and calorie level can be changed at anytime to support weight goals.  Numerous articles, a newsletter, Food Picker (offering diabetes analysis of thousands of foods) and a free diabetes profile are also available.