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From: MSN Nicknamebase301  (Original Message)Sent: 2/9/2009 4:53 PM
Good morning Group We are excited to say that we are finally ready to have our New Host Aimoo, move our group to "Redda's Coffee Stop". Aimoo is a server like MSN and they will take care of moving all our information to their archives for us. This is what you will see on the Home Page......
 There is a yellow background the color of this cup (just so you know you are at the right place).
If you have not been there yet, please come on over..we miss you there. Here is the link..and we will be looking forward to seeing you on the boards.
We know you will love it!! There are lots of things to do there, even a private "Chat Room" PTL!! I truely appricate all Redda's has done to build our New Home.
She and Ruth have worked tirelessly to learn the in's and out's so that we will be ready to asist you. So look for the "Questions / Answers / Confusion" board and post any questions or help messages there.
Thank you Sis Redda and Lil' Cuz Ruth, without your help, our move would not have be possible. God bless you both!!
It will take Aimoo 5 days to move us. This website here at MSN will close between the 17th and 21st of February (some say the 17th others say the 21st). Eather way, we are moving this week. So please start using our new home. We will continue checking to see if anyone posts here at Granny's. But please hurry over, participate and support us.
God bless each of you. Love Betty, Redda and Ruth.