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 Granny's   Rules 

~Remember Granny is Watching~

To Keep Your Membership: Members must post at least once a week!!

All rights reserved by the Author's

The use, reprinting or reproduction in part or full, in any language, country or age, of these literary works of art in short stories, poem, prose, etc., is prohibited.  These written works of excellence are being shared souly for your reading enjoyment and are protected by copyright laws. Violator's of these copyrights will be prosecuted! Thank You, Granny 

This is a community for all ages.  

So there will be no foul language!

Because we are a community with many different beliefs here we ask that you not argue with or judge anyone's opinions.  Also sence alot of us are family.

Please do not post things that are embarrassing,

and could hurt someone's feeling. All familys

have those little things that ya just dont wont the whole world to know. So keep that in mind when posting. Pray before posting and that will

head the old flesh off at the pass>hehehehe

Got Cha!

  Thank you!

No language unsuitable for children!

No bashing your fellow man allowed!

Linking only to "Christian" sites is allowed! All others will be deleted!

Members may post their links on the "Post Links" page, excessive posting

of links in messages will be deleted.

No Spamming allowed!

This is an illegal act against MSN's rules and we will ban any member

for spamming in either the posts or in another member's e-mail.  Only those members who are just learning how to use the allowed to post a message or, reply to a message, from their emails.  Once these persons have learned how to come to the site and post messages, they too, are not allow to post from emails. All message that shows a personal email address, will be deleted. Most people do not want their email address' displayed! And when a messages is sent from email it does display the address of the person who's message you are replying to.  Anyone braking this rule will recieve a notice from the Managers, to please come to the site to post message or replies.

We are a Christian family.

We are not perfected yet.  We are still learning in our walk.  We make mistakes and fall down. Jesus is faithfull to pick us up and dust us off and begin again.

So  I guess the best rule is don't assume just because we are Christian's, we know it all.  We don't!  Don't assume that we are supposed to be perfect.  We are not!  Only Jesus is!  God is not finished with his work in us.  So don't look to us, look to God.  We will let you down.  God won't.  It is our hope to encourage you and to uplift you.  To teach,  if you want to learn.  To give you a place of peace to come and just be.  We want to pray with you and for you.

We want to show our Love for all people in the name of

~ Jesus Christ Our Lord~

 If you do not agree with our Statement of  Faith,

then you have that right and can move on to another community that fits better with your ideas.

This community has been created to Honor God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

And with  hope we can make a difference in your lives.  As you make a difference in ours.  We want to share God's Love for all mankind.   And what he has done for our faimly, he can do for you.

Have fun and Great fellowship here in this house!

Be blessed and be a blessing!