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Our Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather

Generation One: William Gober 1st, born about 1715 in England. He died in August 1794 in Granville, North Carolina. He married Nancy Meekin, born 1718 in England, who came to North Carolina to be with her girlhood sweetheart. She died about 1794. They had 5 children, all of whom were born in Caroline County, Virginia. Generation Two: Their third child, William 2nd, born 1744. Generation Three: Lewis Gober 1st.

*Credit to: Margaret ‘Peggy?Williams Taylor, Compiler and Author of "Descendants of William Gober 1". Copyright 2000.

Generation Four: Charles Lewis Gober 1st Our Great, Great Grandfather, was born about 1817 in Mississippi. Married Mary A. ?,  He died 1899 in Carrollton, Mississippi.   He served in the Confederate States Army; first as a Private in Company K, 4th Regiment Mississippi Infantry. Re-enlisted in Mississippi 5th Cavalry - Company E. Lastly in Mississippi 18th Cavalry, Company I.  They had nine children all of whom were born in Mississippi:  Henry-1839; Jasper Elijah-1842; Louisa-1845; James N.-1849; William W.-1851; John Milton-1853; Martha E.-1860; Mattie Melissa-1861; and Charles Lewis, Jr.-1864.   He served two years in Company K, with his son Jasper Elijah Gober, until he was wounded at Shiloh and taken prisoner of war.



Generation Five: Jasper Elijah Gober 1st.(Seated above) Our Great Grandfather, was born the second child to Charles Lewis Gober 1st and Mary A. ? in June 1842, in Carrollton, Carroll County, Mississippi.   He had three sisters; Louisa, Martha E, and Mattie Melissa. Five brothers; Henry, James N., William W., John Milton, and Charles Lewis Jr.   On August 24, 1861 at age 19 he enlisted in Company K, 4th Mississippi Infantry, at Granada, Mississippi - and he served with his father, until his father was taken POW in Shiloh, near Fort Donaldson,TN. in June 1862…After hearing about his father in June 1862, Jasper, in his attempt to see his ill father, was captured at Fort Donaldson, TN. Then sent to Camp Morton in Indianapolis Ind. as a POW. On September 12, 1862 Jasper was exchanged, for his ill father, in a POW exchange and sent to Vicksburg, Mississippi. Jasper escaped, but was captured and taken POW a second time on July 4th, 1863 at Vicksburg.    He was paroled on July 9th, 1863.   Again on December 15th, 1864 he is captured a third time at Nashville, Tenn. and sent to POW prison in Lewisville, KY. until December 20th, 1864 when he was transferred to Camp Douglas, Ill.     In June of 1865 the war was over.    Jasper was given an Honorable Discharged on June 19, 1865 - after having taken the oath of allegiance to the United States ?he went home to Attala County, Mississippi.    Sometime in 1870 he married Margaret ‘Maggie?Barnes Green (Seated center above) of Leake County, Mississippi. On May 15, 1878 they moved to Bell County, Texas.    Jasper died on October 1, 1920 at age 78. Margaret died about 1912. They are buried in unmarked graves at Greenleaf Cemetery in Bownwood, Brown County Texas.    They had nine children; Infant Gober, Mary Elizabeth, William E, Astelia, Falba, Infant Gober,  Rufus Smith (Above right, back row.  Married Minnie Emmaline James), Hattie Green and Sarah A.


Generation Six: Rufus Smith Gober Our Grandfather, was born February 17, 1883 in Coryell County, Texas to Jasper Elijah Gober and Margaret ‘Maggie?Barnes Green. About 1903 married Minnie Emmaline James, born November 21, 1885 to John Hunt James and Margaret Evaline Sullivan.   They had eight children:  Generation Seven: Marvin Edward born July 20, 1904; Margaret Evelyn born 1905; Vessie Mae born 1908; Alma Rachel born April 23, 1910; Leta born & died 1912; Arby born 1915; John Elijah born June 24, 1917; Nettie Mae born November 4, 1920.    Rufus died December 16, 1956 at the age of 73.    Minnie died September 10, 1962 at the age of 76. They are both buried in Greenleaf Cemetery at Brownwood, Brown County, Texas.  BRB 6-8-02. Compiled from Family record's by BRB, 1996-2002.

Generations Eight through Ten: Some of those who served in the Military, are pictured on "Our Hero's" Page.

(Click Bible-Hero's Page)



 There's a Family Bible on the table, it's pages torn and hard to read,but the Family Bible on the table, will ever be my key to memory.     At the close of day when work was over, and the evening meal was done,    Dad would read to us from the Family Bible, and we'ed count our many belssings, one by one. ..... I can see us sitting 'round the table, when from the Family Bible Dad would read. I can hear my Mother softly singing, 'Rock of Ages, Rock of Ages cleft for me.'........This old world of our's is lost and dieing, but it would oh so better be,  If we had more Bible's on the tables, And Mother's singing 'Rock of Ages' cleft for me. (Writer Unknown)

I give thanks to God every day that I had a praying Mother, who tought me about the Love of Jesus....otherwise I might still be lost!!  God Bless all..Betty Rose Brown.