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Penny Parker

You are welcome to use any backgrounds and/or matching images for your "PERSONAL" webpages provided:

1. All my artwork is copyrighted but I do allow my work to be used by GRAPHIC or WEBPAGE DESIGNERS for background sets, stationery, or screensavers for personal web sites only.  Please note that under NO circumstances is the creation of "TUBES" allowed.  If you would like the original picture(s) or painting(s) to create your own set(s), please email me and I will be happy to send them to you.  I will appreciate my name being placed on the main graphic (in small letters).

2. A link MUST be placed ON the SAME page(s) my graphics are displayed on and referred back to:   For non-graphic or non-web set designers, each set comes with a matching logo which can be used as a graphic link, or if you would prefer, a text link will be fine.

NOTE:  Under NO circumstances is credit on a "Links" page or a page of "Credits" acceptable.  The link must be placed on the SAME page as the graphics are on.

3. My images MAY be used as background graphics for personal web sites only.  The pictures may NOT be altered or changed in any way.

4. You do not have to use all parts of the set if you do not need them and you do not have to set the page up just as I have it.

5. NONE of my graphics may be redistributed or resold.  Images are NOT to be used to create filters, brushes, tubes, nozzles, or dingbat fonts and may NOT be included on a compilation CD, graphic collections of clip art, computer bulletin board, etc.  The pictures may be used for signature cards or tags that is created with matching stationery.  For printed applications of any type, please contact me by email.

6. Please refrain from using any of my artwork, graphics or backgrounds on any pages promoting child abuse, hate, bigotry, racism, animal abuse, and/or pornographic activities.  I retain the right to refuse use if your site is of low moral benefit.

7. Download graphics to your own server or computer.  NEVER link off someone else's server.  This is called "bandwidth robbery" and means that every time someone opens your site, and the images on someone else's server are referenced by your page, they have to pay for the "bandwidth" it took to transfer the images to your site.

8. If, for any reason, I request that the images from my site be removed from your site, you will be given 72 hours to comply.  Violations of the Terms Of Use could subject you to this request.

Thank you so much for your understanding and your cooperation.

<LABEL id=HbSession SessionId="1775584543"></LABEL>All the pictures, digital art and photos are free for you
to use on your non commercial website. These are
small examples, to view the picture at its correct size
left click on the picture. Then right click and save to
your hard drive. All these pictures are large high
quality images, they are slow to load,
please be patient.