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More on us moving
we are coming down to the wire here and even though it looks like I'll never get everything switched over ... never fear ... pennpal has it covered lol. What I don't get moved in time will go int...
MSN Nickname-Pennpal-   01-15-09
God holy!
Better ! Now go to the video page you want to show us and copy the whole address link from that page .. ok?
MSN Nickname-Pennpal-   01-15-09
God holy!
Hi Josephine! I do belong to you tube and it looks like you were trying to show me a certain video from there ? just post the link hun .. ok?(nice to hear from you )
MSN Nickname-Pennpal-   01-15-09
God holy!
MSN Nickname신기한Josephin   01-14-09
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grandaughter ali
MSN Nicknamecassidy349 10-17-08
ary time
MSN Nicknamecassidy349 10-17-08
playing fire fighter
MSN Nicknamecassidy349 10-17-08
just being me
MSN Nicknamecassidy349 10-17-08
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