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This Page is to help easly find all the  

pages Oasis has to offer for your viewing.

Click on the name to go to the page.



NEW MEMBERS INFORMATION  Information about our site to make it easier to get used to things

Getting to Know Each Other For you to get to know other members and them to get to know you

Fun Links New Links every day to fun and inspirational pages

Message Board For you to Post messages and to read messages from other members

Quots to Inspire  a message board posting inspirational quots, and for members to reply with their own thoughts and feelings.

Great Stories  a message board posting inspiring and heart touching stories, and for members to respond with their own thoughts.

Chat Schedule Showing the times of chats in Oasis and the places and times of other chats on Site Circle

Photo Album To share your photos with other members

Recomendations A place for recomending music, videos, books, and web links

Computer Language  gives the meanings of some if the terms used in chat and on messanger

Here are lists of web sites of  Fun, Inspiration,

Helpful Information & Laws, and other sites of interest

Inspiration Sites Inspirational web sites for you to enjoy

Fun Sites Web sites with funny stories and jokes

Member's Sites Web Communities belonging to our members

Web Sites of Interest A collection of interesting and informative web sites

Important Links A list of web sites with important information to the disabilied community

Special Equipment Sites Web sites dealing in special equipment useful to those with disabilities

ADA Sites Web sites dealing with the Americans with Disabilities Act

Canadian Sites Sites dealing with laws and programs in Canada

Housing Laws Sites Web sites about Equal Housing Laws and rights of the disabiled




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