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  Sites offering equipment
for making life easier and freer
for those with disabilities
(this list is not ment as advertising for the sites, only as an outlet for disabiled
persons to locate needed equipment to enhance their lives)

Any member that knows of a good disability equipment site
please post a message of referal on the message board.

Our mission at is to help children and adults with disabilities enhance their lives, increase their independence and productivity, and gain greater social inclusion through leading edge assistive and adaptive technology.

DataHand makes an assistive technology keyboard that could help some people with cerebral palsy.  

DataHand Is The Provider Of The Unique Ergonomic Computer Keyboard And Onboard Ergonomic Mouse That Is A Different Ergonomic Keyboard From All Other Ergonomic Keyboards And Will Provide Repetitive Stress Injury Relief And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief In The Office.

ADA & Disability Access Compliance Products

From door ramps, tactile signage, reference manuals & books to specialized hardware & grab bars, the ADA Center offers a great selection of ADA code compliance products.