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     Bandwidth Theft


First an explanation of what this is :
People pay money to have a company host their
web pages and then upload their text and pictures.
Every time we right-click, copy and paste a
picture/text into here, we are stealing the space
that they have paid for.
How to tell if a picture you've put on the site is
either Bandwidth or Hotlinked :
There needs to be NO link back to the originating
site - there are a couple of ways to check this.
Left click on the picture - if it takes you directly
back to the originating site then it's hotlinked and
needs to be removed and replaced in the correct way.
Right click on the picture and select properties.
If this shows the link in there then it's still linked
back to the originating site and needs to be
removed and replaced in the correct way.
(If it says 'msn commnuities' or simliar then it's
okay as this shows it's been uploaded from your
pc or from an msn community)
What we all need to do :
We need to copy the picture etc.,  and save it to
your hard drive, then upload to the site using the
'insert picture' link at the top of a reply box
(to the right of text colour),
then click on 'my computer',
'browse' then find the picture and add to your message.
If you're not sure, please check when you upload
any copied text/pictures onto any messages on
this site by following the above instructions.
Many thanks to Dizzy for providing this explanation.



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