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Now You're A Member


Please read MSN's Terms Of Use HERE.

Please also read MSN's Code Of Conduct HERE.

Please post a message on the Newcomer's Board to let other members know you're here. You will be welcomed to the group so it would be nice to reply to that too.

Have a good look around and make yourself at home.

Members must post within a few weeks of joining and at least once every month, even if it's only to say hi or that you still wish to be a member here.



A Few Do's And Dont's


Do...enjoy yourself and have loads of fun!!!

Do...respect other member's feelings.

Do...tell us of any problems you may have within the group.

Don't...use extreme profanities on the boards.

Don't...spam members or litter the boards with forwards.

Don' any copywrite material without permission from the owner.

Don't...discriminate against others, treat everyone as you wish to be treated yourself.

Don't.... use this community to advertise or promote for gain.

Don't... right click and copy a picture and post to this board, as you may be guilty of bandwidth theft.  You can read all about bandwidth theft HERE.


We aim to keep this community warm and friendly.  If everyone follows the above do's and dont's, it should stay that way.


Many thanks.





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