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Great Friends - Good TimesContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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In Remembrance
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12/11/2008 7:01 AM  Posted by MSN Nickname©Greylady®
Here we are again Mum, another year gone, seems like only yesterday we were laughing and joking and getting ready for Christmas and then you were gone , we miss you so much and I hope from where you are, you can see your grandchildren growing up, you'd be so proud of them and they love you to bits, I just wish you'd have had the chance to have met them
'til we meet again Greylady xxxxxxxxx

8/8/2008 7:45 PM  Posted by MSN Nickname§crubber
31/7/2007 My lovely Mum.
I cant believe a whole year has past. love you and miss you loads.
Jane xxxxxxxxxxxx

12/22/2005 9:52 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameKazzasalts
Mum not a day goes by when i dont think of you and all the fun you could be having with your precious grandsons Ashley and James.  We all miss you so much and wish you could be here with us.  Christmas is just not the same without you. Rest in peace Mum Good night and God bless love you always Karen xxxxx

9/16/2005 7:13 PM  Posted by Deboratus
My daughter Zara died of a brain tumour on the 29th September 2000.  She was 7 years old and so brave.
I still think of you constantly and miss you so much
 Love mum xxx

7/8/2005 8:23 AM  Posted by MSN NicknameNeuroticSnogga
My grandad died 2 years ago on this day and we are still holding celebrations in rememberance of him. We are all still upset and i know my nan is still getting over it. He died of cancer at the age if 60. Rest in peace Grandad John!
Luv your eldest grandaughter

6/27/2005 2:50 PM  Posted by MSN Nicknamecharlachica
Rest in Peace my Auntie Shirley, who has sadly dies from MS
remebering you and thinking of the rest of the family through this sad time.
much love xxxxxx

4/28/2005 11:00 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameQueenDrenRoseDeFont
4/2/2001 My grandmother died on this day . Please know that I miss you greatly grams .If it hadnt been for you my life would never have had any meaning . Thank you for all of the support and love that you gave me .

3/8/2005 9:21 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameSurfbabe8822
16/6/1991 my darling brother Dave who lost his battle against lung cancer
24/12/1993 my darling brother Garry who died of what the doctors called a massive insult to his brain
and lastly
7/12/2004 my dad Harry, i'm glad we made our peace before you left us

12/15/2004 10:50 AM  Posted by MSN Nickname©jen©
Grandma died xmas eve 2000 aged 95.
I think of you all the time and miss you lots.
You were a very special person.

9/10/2004 10:10 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameBoozeyCat
Today we lost another member of the family, the funeral was terrible, things will always remind me of you Iris.
Your smile, your laughter and your sense of humour.
The family is in a state of shock as you left with out saying goodbye.
As we think of you for years to come, smile on us and know we love you.
Lisa and family

8/1/2004 12:32 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameBoozeyCat
Big Rob died March 2003 aged 28. Died in Car accident and has been in my thought everyday since.
We knew him as The BFG, and he was. Miss you like crazy hun. Always with us. Jay and Lisa
My nan - died Feb 9th 2001- Miss you u nutter, look after me when I need it.
Winny hubby's nan. Great nan to out kids. Miss your laugh and your silly quotes. Love you.
May all my love ones know I love and miss them. Send me a sign when Im doing things wrong and always shine in the stars at night and the sun rays in the day.

8/1/2004 4:35 AM  Posted by MSN NicknameBigMama?/nobr>
In loving memory of our dear friend LouLouBelle
Lou, you were an awesome, first class lady. You were such a great support to all the ladies here, your wicked sense of humour touched each of us. Life never, ever got you down, even when you were in the depths, you always had a sunny outlook. Your dreams were so awesome, I had visions of someday visiting your little pub in Manchester. I wanted those dreams for you babe. You adored your daughter, she truly was the centre of your universe. Bless her now, and your dear Mum, there will be though times in the days ahead, but they have lovely memories of you to help them through it. Take care my dear, you've touched my life in an awesome way, I'll never forget you

7/29/2004 7:34 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameNić
Im sure there will be  a few of these but I just had to put a message about Loulou.... I loved your sence of humour, your love of life. Youmade me laugh and cry and I am so sorry your so young life has gone. It breaks my heart to think of poor Emily who I know you loved with all your heart.
I will miss you Lou

6/24/2004 7:42 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameNić
Just like to add Dave England to this board.
even though I didnt know you well I was devistated when you went . You were just starting out on a new life in a new country with your family. I feel forMargaret and children. i hope though all the tears and pain they are now going through that one day the memories dont bring tears but bring smiles instead... I hope they find the courage to get through this terrible time and find the strength to carry on
my thoughts and prayers are with you all

5/26/2004 2:59 PM  Posted by MSN Nicknameghaens
Rip Terry Devlin
Just remembering my Uncle Terry who died last night. You finally lost the battle you fought so bravely for years. I hope you didn't suffer and I'm sorry you were alone. My Uncle Tubby.... I didn't know that wasn't your real name until I was about 10...  You were the kindest man I know and I'd like to thank you for the tickets bought for the panto for all your young grand nephews and grand nieces and nephews and nieces. It was a great idea and we had a great time! And thanks for always remembering me and mine at Christmas's gone past... you had billions of people to think of and it was so nice of you to do that for all of us.
Also remembering my Aunty godmother.  God, you were a howl and so strong to raise your family after Uncle Paddy died. You'll always be remembered cause your sons and my brothers still take you off at parties...
Aunty Lilly.... so down to earth... you brought new meaning to the phrase 'fur coat and no knickers' LMAO...
Uncle John.... the best man on this earth ever to tell scary stories about banchees.... I loved them. We kept you for hours when we were sent to bed to tell us stories..  
Uncle Chrisite.... my endearing memory of you is in Canada with your shirt open at the collar, track suit bottoms, navy socks and black shoes...  I know you were not the full shilling... but you filled my life with your singing...
Uncle Michael... I never met you and that's a pity...
Just as well my dad is an only child or I'd be here for a week...

4/14/2004 3:31 AM  Posted by MSN NicknameÐevi®
Sadly, two years ago on March 24th our 3 year old nefew died drowing in a river under ice.  It was a terrible shock to all of us... especially when you considering it was in his own backyard.  His 5 year old brother was with him when he slipped under the ice and he tried to save him.  Their mother had gone in the house for a few minutes and warned them not to go near the water but kids will be kids.  It's devastating to think of what his poor brother had to go through.
The worst part of all this was that the day it happened I found out because my MIL was watching the news and saw it all (that's how she found out).  When I answered she was frantically screaming at me to watch the news.  It was just all so unbelievable at the time.
My oldest daughter was almost 2 years old at the time and the only thing I could do for days was hold her and think that if I ever lost her I would lose my will to live.
This was a horrible tragedy but good things came out of it.  The familly pulled together and is so much stronger because of it.  Maybe that was his mission here on earth (as they say we all have a mission to complete).
This is in rememberance of our little Niko who we will keep in our hearts forever!  We all love you and miss you and we'll meet again in the better place you are in... heaven!
Devi xx

4/1/2004 8:02 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameLINN1E
Nan!, I will miss you loads, but hope your now reunited with Grandad, Auntyand Carl, and are happy.
With love  Linnie

3/21/2004 4:03 PM  Posted by MSN Nicknamestressy©
   in loving memory of   Marjorie Elizabeth Oughtred      
                          mothers day
special memories of my devoted beautiful mother who died in
on july 15th 1997 cant express how i feel on this day of celebration to all our mothers even thoes who have sadly passed away you are still rememberd always this bond of love can not be severd even in death i will love you always mam you were my rock, to of loved and lost you is so much more precious than to of never had you in my life at all ,for what you gave me will help me face what ever i do in life
                     with much love
your devoted daughter    junie

3/1/2004 6:51 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameMelôdy
For my parents who died 9 years ago.  You are missed.  And I forgive you dad

3/1/2004 6:47 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameMelôdy
Oh the wonderful memoies will be with me my whole life through,
But I never wanted memories, I only wanted you

2/11/2004 11:54 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameZippy-dee-do-da
     This past Christmas Eve my Nana past away.   I never made it up to see her, and I'm totally bummed out about it.  I know that she wouldn't be mad at me, because I'm busy with the kids.
At her funeral I thought that I would make it up to her and say a little something from all of her grandchildren, being that I was the first born girl. 
It was lovely what I said...and it was greatly appreciated from my family members.  That in it's self made me feel better.
     My Nana was nicknamed BooBoo and my Papa who died in 1996 was Yogi (the bear ).  And it suited them too.  Papa and I would steal cookies all day long, and Booboo would always tell us that we shouldn't.  I was the only grandchild that called them this.
     She had a wonderful live.  And after her husband past suddenly she suffered with her health.  She had kidney problems and had to have dialylisis (sp).  She showed courage and strenght.  I was telling people that she had nine lives.  Because she would come to a point of no return and bounce right back, all to do with her kidney's.
In the end, with her spirits being high.  She thought she had a small cold.  And no one knew of this in the family.  Until she was in the hospital once again.  The flu took the last of her chances. 
     But I don't believe that.  I believe that my Papa wanted his wife for Christmas Eve morning (9:30am) and to have the rest of us together once again for a Christmas. 
     I love you BooBoo and I hope you and Yogi are happy once again.
Love Marny

1/25/2004 9:39 AM  Posted by MSN NicknamePoll_Doll
This is for 2 ppl who meant heaps to me
Gaynor my life long friend who sadly died 1st September 2002 aged just 37 of Hodgkins disease. She left behind her husband Gordon and her 2 beuatiful babies Sara 9 and Dominic just 3. she was the best friend anyone could have wished for, I think she still says hi to me in many ways as I have joined another grp and we r doing a valentines exchange and the girl Iam posting mine to is "Gaynor" coincidence or her saying Hi I dont know but it was lovely to write that name again Love you always as a sister  Love Jan xoxox aka egg to gaynor aka speedy to me
my other angel is Aaron my neice who sadly died in a car accident on 12 October 1995 aged just 20 she had been to the chapel of rest for the funeral directors she worked for and the car went off the road and spun into a tree, she was a beautiful girl loved life to the full her name means exalted  which was her to a T the best Neice and cousin in the world  Love to you Poj Love Aunty Polly xoxox

1/21/2004 3:05 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameYorkielass323

1/16/2004 1:15 PM  Posted by MSN Nicknamestarlightmummy
Here's a poem that was read at my nans funeral in May 2003, it made everyone cry, i know its not to remember anyone in paticular but thought it was a nice thing for the board:
A Mothers Love
A Mothers love is a treasure
More precious than silver or gold
From the very first day that she gives you life
A Mothers love will unfold
She'll nurture you as a baby
And tend your needs as a child
With love she'll guide you along life's path
And tame you when you grow wild
A Mother will join your laughter
Console you through your tears
Her love will show as she watches you grow
Till you reach your adult years
A Mothers love will go with you
As you walk along life's way
She'll glow with pride as you take each stride
To become who you are today
But when her life is over
Her work on earth is done
Don't be filled with sorrow
When the Good Lord takes her home
For you'll always have your memories
Of a special Mothers love
To ease the pain till you meet again
In God's beautiful garden above.
I don't know who wrote it, it touched all of us, we miss you Nan, always thinking of you

12/24/2003 1:44 PM  Posted by MSN Nicknamemummycool
I would like to remember both of mine and Redjay's nans at this special time.
Our darling Nanny Joy who was light of my life, who passed away in september 1995 from a stroke.Always thinking of you Nan, I know you are still with us everyday xx
And our other darling Nan, Nanny Godfrey, who also passed due to a seris of strokes, just this past spring 2003.
Always in our hearts, and always with us darling Nan
Thinking of you both always and forever xx
                                 Gillian xx

12/23/2003 10:36 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameMandy-1-
This will be our first christmas without you Grandad Sid, love and miss you.
Mandy, Ste, Ashleigh and Laura xxx

12/23/2003 4:58 PM  Posted by MSN Nicknamepunkybear?/nobr>
In loving memory of my dad who passed on february 25, 1992 of a heart attack and my mom who passed on march 15, 1992 of cancer, and a broken heart.  I wish I had gotten to know you better.  Thinking of you everyday.  Love Tracy

12/23/2003 4:35 PM  Posted by MSN Nickname60s_Girl
In loving memory of my Dad, Robert Sutcliffe (Bob), who died suddenly on Christmas Eve 1977. Never a day goes by without me thinking of you. I love you Dad
Jane xxx

12/23/2003 4:23 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameEeliemaye1
my brother eddie bloxham died on the 21st of june 2000 aged 27 i would like to wish him a merry xmas and just to say i am thinking of you
from your loving sister and all your family helen

12/23/2003 9:56 AM  Posted by MSN Nicknameghaens
Just got a memorial card and some book marks from my sil last night for my nephew Keith. She also gave me a framed photo of my nephews and nieces plus my two older girls. It was taken at Christmas time in my parents house. My poor sil cried again giving them to me... The book mark is fab. It has some great pictures of Keith on it.
RIP Keith... 26 August 1980 - 4th October 2002