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MSN Group Chat Abbreviations



      ASAP   As Soon As Possible 
      BBL  Be Back Later
      BRB  Be Right Back
      BTW  By The Way

 See You Later 

      CWL  Crying With Laughter
      FYI  For Your Information
      GTG  Got To Go
      HAND  Have A Nice Day
      IMHO  In My Honest Opinion 
      IMO  In My Opinion
      IOW  In Other Words
      JK  Just Kidding
      LMAO  Laughing My Ass Off
      LOL  Laughs Out Loud
      NP  No Problem
      PMPL  Peeing My Pants Laughing    
      ROFL  Roll Of Floor Laughing            
      ROTF             Rolling On The Floor
      SO  Significant Other

SOHF             Sense Of Humour Failure 
SWL  Screaming With Laughter
SYS  See You Soon
THX  Thanks
TIA  Thanks In Advance
TTFN  Ta Ta For Now
TTYL  Talk To You Later
TY  Thank You
WB  Welcome Back
WTF  What The Fook
WTG  Way To Go
WTH  What The Hell
WU  What's Up
YVW  You're Very Welcome 

You can find other chatroom abbreviations



If you want to know how to get emoticons like these    into your messages in chat conversations go HERE.








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