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~ ha·ven (hay-vin) n. a place of safety ~


Before You Join ~ Please Read

Our Little Haven is a social group for People of Size, their friends and admirers.
We have an active message board and chat room.
We are looking for new members who are
willing to participate and make an effort to get to know the other members.

Anyone who is over 21 and size friendly is welcome.

Please see our Guide to Haven for more information on what Haven is about.

You don't need to have MSN as your ISP to belong to or participate in MSN Groups.
They are open to anyone on the net (webtv users may not be able to access all areas),
however you will need a free
MSN Passport in order to join.


After you go through the joining process we will send you a letter.
Please make sure the email account you use to apply is active and that
you check it on a regular basis, we won't accept applications with
invalid or bounced email addresses.

Some email filters may decide our letter is spam so if you wonder
why you haven't heard from us you may want to check your
trashcan and see if our letter ended up in there.

Message Board Settings

We strongly recommend that you choose On The Web for reading your messages.
This will keep your email from being bombarded by messages from the board.

To avoid confusion we also prefer that you don't answer posts from your email.


Please be aware that we don't allow personal ads
or business advertising on the message board without prior permission.
This includes signatures with embedded links to advertizing.

We have a Personals section where you can place a personal or ISO ad
and a Links section where you can place a link to your personal or
business website as long as it falls within the rules of Haven and the
MSN rules for mature rated communities.
Ads from inactive members will be removed.

You may be allowed to place a business link
on the message board with Management permission
ahead of time, please ask first.

Absolutely no porn will be allowed.

MSN rules for mature groups does not allow nudity
or images of sexual acts (not even animals),
this includes cartoons and animations as well as photographs.

Please respect the boundaries of others.
Flaming and harrasment will not be tolerated.

Additional information on Haven policies can be found in the House Rules.

With that said, c'mon in.

We're a fun loving and diverse group
and we hope you'll find a home on the net with us here in Haven.