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Adding Gifs or Photos to Message Board

1. Click the icon on the toolbar.

2. Click on "My computer" then click "Browse"

3. Go to where you have your photos stored i.e. "my documents"

4. Click on the photo that you would like to use and click open.

5. Click on ""

Adding A Photo To An Album

1. Open the Photo album in the community.

2. At the top you will see "Create a new album Click on that.

3. That will take you to a screen that will let you personal your album. Type in the name that you would like your album to have and a description if you like. You can also decide who may edit, delete, or add photos to your album. This will take you to a screen that will show the place that you have selected to get your pictures from.

4 .Decide which pictures you would like to add to the album.

5. Select the picture you would like to add and click on them. There will be a checkmark in a small box in the corner of each picture you have selected.

6.Once you have selected all the photos you want to add Click on "Upload Now" Wait for your photos to upload, you will be taken back to your album

Adding a Background

1. Decide which background you would like to use.

2. Add your background to a photo album, or you can choose a coloured background from the editor if so skip instructions 3 and 4

3. Right click on your background that is in the photo album, then go to properties. You will need to highlight the url of the of the background. ( Be sure to highlight the entire address, as it rolls down.) Then right click and copy.

4. Then go to the message or web page you want to add the background too.

5. On the tool bar you will see this icon  . This icon is the table icon, it helps you add a table to your message post or your web page. Choose how many rows and columns you want. ( I usually set mine at "1") You can also go into border and decide if you want a border, and if you do, what color. You can choose not to have a border and enter "0".

6. Click on backgrounds... this enables you to add your background,or a color background to your post.( if you are adding a color backgrouund from then editor skip this next part) Place your cursor in the box that says "Background image url" and type in ctrl + V ( ctrl and v at the same time) This will paste your background url in the box.

7. Click on insert table. This will put your background on the page. Place your cursor in the box and start typing. It will expand as you type. You are still able to format the font and add pictures!

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