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~ Foundation ~

Our Little Haven is a cyber community created for people of size, their admirers and friends.

 ~ Mission Statement ~

To have fun, meet others and share experiences in a safe environment without undue fear of ridicule or harassment, while providing a forum for open discussions.

~ Code of Conduct ~

Remember that everyone’s personal boundaries are different� Please respect each person as individuals.

We ask that you not use a screenname that is x-rated or derogatory.  If our request is ignored you will be removed from the group.

Harassment of members is expressly prohibited. Complaints will be dealt with expediently.

Message Board flaming is expressly prohibited. Any post containing flaming, language or comments inappropriate for a BBW community will be deleted.

Our Little Haven is not a dating site and does not allow ISO ads on the Message Boards. However, there is a Personals Section which includes Men ISO Women, Women ISO Men and Friendship sections. Please use this area in your quest for friendship.

Active members who have business interests may post one message regarding their business and a link to that business. Any further promotions will be deleted unless prior arrangements are made with Our Little Haven Management.

In accordance with MSN Privacy Rules, members e-mail addresses may not be culled and used for spamming or any other purpose.

As a mature rated community, Our Little Haven's  membership is retricted to those 21 and older.

~ Photos ~

While this is a mature community nudity is not allowed per MSN guidelines, please use common sense and do not post pictures of a pornographic nature or containing beastiality. Additionally, derogatory images not suitable for a BBW community will be removed.

~ Poetry and Short Stories ~

Erotic poetry and stories are welcomed�
pornography is not.

 ~ Graphics ~

We try our best not to use copyrighted graphics, but if you should find something that belongs to you, please contact us for prompt removal.


The above rules are in addition to and are not intended to supercede the MSN Code of Conduct.


Management reserves the right to delete posts or photos found to be outside of normal community tolerance and acceptance levels.

Management reserves the right to revise the House Rules as often as required.

Our Little Haven Code of Conduct © 2002, 2003

Revised February 23, 2003

All Graphics and verbage are courtesy of one or all of the following and may not be mirrored or used without prior written permission Indigirl Graphics and Pages© 2002, Cheezy Graphics© 2002, 2003 and Garnet Graphics© 2002, 2003