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Our Little Haven[email protected] 
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Updated: 2/19/2007 by: MSN NicknameAlykaatt

About Me

Name:    Age/Zodiac Sign: 41

Location: Mississippi   Ethnicity: White   Kids: 1 married and 1 teenager/ soon to have a grandson

Email: [email protected]




I am 5'4 about 255 lbs.  I've been divorced 3 years and am ready to start again.   This time when I fall, it's the last time.  I'm too old to go through alot of crap so I don't intend on giving my heart lightly.  I love Chow Chows and do animal rescue.  I like to travel just don't get to much.  I love reading, good movies, intelligent convs., laughing and making people laugh but, most of all I do my best to make the person I am with feel very special.  Nothing can hurt a relationship like unneccessary flirting or not listening when your partner talks.

What I'm Looking For

A man that isn't afraid of love, I don't want to hear all the "I've been hurt so many times" crap.  Haven't we all?  I want someone who can love and be loved.  Someone who wants to feel like a man and that he is the most important man in the world and that can make me feel just as important.  I don't know that I want to remarry, I do want a strong friendship that will go farther into love.  Marriage though?? Hmmm!  Not a must at all.  My ideal man is white or american indian, 5'8 to 7' tall, with a job, and above all, he has to be family oriented and LOVE ANIMALS!  Otherwise don't waste my time or yours. 

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