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Witches Circle of BrewContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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  ****> Welcome New Members**  
  Fair Use Copy Write Laws  
  Resources Used to Create This Chat Room  
  Meet The Team Updated  
  Message Boards  
  ¨*:The Witches Mail Room  
  Craft Ideas  
  Nature of our ways  
  A Witches History and Future  
  What Is Magick (fixed for an easier read)  
  Year of the Witch  
  Sabbat Basics  
  Witches Place to start  
  Code of Ethics for Teachers of Wicca  
  Teachers Guide to the Pagan Student Added  
  Teachings of Mother Earth  
  Frequently Asked Questions  
  Q's & A's Discus  
  Recommended Reading  
  First Degree Witch  
  Second Degree Witch  
  Witches Circle of Brew Winds of Change  
  Paganism Defined  
  Pagan Beliefs  
  Wiccan Beliefs  
  Wiccan Reed  
  Witches Law  
  Witches Ethics  
  Witches Reed  
  Meditation Made Easy  
  Meditation Chakr  
  Altar Set Up  
  **Creating your BOS  
  Magickal Symbols  
  Introduction to Self Dedication  
  Wiccan Self Dedication  
  Self- Dedication for the Solitary  
  Ritual Structure  
  Pagan Rituals  
  Casting a Circle  
  Casting Out Ritual  
  The Charge of the Goddess/god  
  Call of the Goddess  
  Call The Quarters  
  Drawing Down The Moon  
  Charge of The God  
  Charge of the Horned God  
  Charge of the Dark God  
  Invocation to Freyja  
  Invocation to Odin  
  Invocation of the Goddess Hella  
  )0(Realms and Meanings of Some Popular Deities  
  )0(Goddesses (under constant construction))0(  
  )0(Gods and Goddesses )0(  
  )0(Tripple Goddess)0(  
  )0(The Goddess as Crone  
  )0(The Goddess as Mother  
  )0(The Goddess As Maiden  
  Hecate, Morrighan, Brigit  
  Yemaya, Kali, Akenaten  
  Estsanatlehi, Nut,White Buffalo Woman  
  Greenman, Hades, Horus  
  Tog-Sothoth, Mammon, Herne  
  The Dagda, Vulcan, Hermes  
  The Moon  
  The Waters of Mother Earth  
  Correspondents For All  
  The Elements  
  Day Correspondents  
  Color Correspondents  
  Candle Correspondents  
  Herbal Correspondents  
  Incense Correspondents  
  Some Stones And Gems  
  Fowl Correspondents  
  .·:*¨¨*:Spell crafting 101  
  Astral Projection  
  What's in Your Aura  
  .·:*¨¨*:Dressing the Part  
  Imagine -- A Thought for all  
  Witchy Shops Links  
  ☆☆☆☆ Divinations ☆☆☆☆  
  Ouji Board Divination  
  Clairvoyance Page  
  Bone Magick  
  Tea Time  
  Druids Page 1  
  Druid Laws & Rules  
  Pagan Pride  
  A Web of Spiders  
  The Alchemy of Fragrance  
  Hair Care - Frugal  
  Home Made Lotions  
  Past Lives  
  Yin and Yang Explained  
  How Yin and Yang Got it's Symbol  
  .·:*¨Spell a Day  
  .·:*¨¨Daily Zen  
  Sabbat Info  
  .·:Bottany today  
  .·:*¨¨Daily Om  
  Process of Dying  
  Find Your Herb  
  Greek Mythology  
  Any Recipes'  
  Siggy Offers  
  SIggy Pickup  
  snag tags  
  .·:Home Remedies  
  .·:*¨¨*:.·Poetry Corner.·:*¨¨*:  
  Poetry Board  
  ~~**POEM***~~Witches Dance  
  **A Prayer to The Goddess During Hard Times  
  **The Earth is My Mother  
  **The Ocean  
  **The Goddess  
  **We Hid in The Night  
  **The Moon and The Sun  
  The Book Club  
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Rules ~  General  ~  The Team  ~ About You
UpComing Sabbat

Here at Witches Circle of Brew, It is important  to Us that everyone keep their individuality, and own personal views, and that they learn and grow from within.

This group was not made to change peoples views, opnions, or beliefs, merely to educate those who wish to be, to the best of our abilities.


At no Time can anyone associated with this chat room, be held accountable for information posted in this forum.(unless by themselves).


Lady Middy/ Owner(manager)



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Reminder Chat Wednesday Night7pm est New...
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