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WGEF Championship
Current Champion: Vacated
Number One Contender:
Qualification: Three Months
Gender: Male Only
Former Champions:
Chris Michaels, Deacon Havok, Chris McKenzie

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WGEF Womens Championship
Current Champions: Jeanette Salazar
Number One Contender:
Qualification: Three Months
Gender: Women Only
Former Champions:
Trish Stratus, Faith Adams, Damia, Summer Fox, Eryhen Adams, Sharmaine James, Kat Sanders, Summer Fox, Kat Sanders, Summer Fox, Jeanette Salazar, Tapanga Britt, Ivy Stratus

Intercontinental.jpg picture by wgefstorage1
WGEF Intercontinental Championship
Current Champion: Trish Stratus
Number One Contender: Jeanette Salazar
Qualification: One Month
Gender: Both
Former Champions:
Randy Orton, Edge, Kane, Christian, Sharmaine James, Courtney Helmsley-Michaels, Bishop Steel, Robert Michaels, Summer Fox, Sean Stratus, Kurt Angle

Tag-team.jpg picture by wgefstorage1
WGEF Tag-Team Championship
Current Champion: Vacated
Number One Contender: Kaylee Adams and Adam Michaels
Qualification: Everyone
Gender: Both
Former Champions:
Edge & Christian (2), 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks, Harlem Cena & Jacob Jackson, Kaylee Adams & Trish Stratus Jericho, Legion of Havok,DX, The Rock and Harlem Cena, Michael Harris and Jason James, David Steel and Kat Sanders, Chandler Evers and Justin Black, Chris Michaels & Courtney Helmsley Michaels, The Renegadez (Dylan James and Tapanga Britt James)
tvtitle.jpg picture by wgefstorage1
WGEF Television Championship
Current Champion: Chris Kinning
Number One Contender: 
Qualification: Lower Level Wrestlers and Divas only (Not 3000+ Word roleplayers)
Gender: Both
Former Champions:
SVD, Randy Orton, Drew Stevenson

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