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Christian.jpg picture by wgefstorage1
Real Name: Josh Hatkins
Accomplishments: WGEF Intercontinental Champion, WGEF Tag Team Champion Power 25 updater, Impact General Manager
Number of Years: Two Years
Current Status: Retired
Feuds: Main Fued: Adam "Edge" Copeland, John Cena, Chris Orton

Courtney.jpg picture by wgefstorage1
Courtney Helmsley-Michaels
Real Name: Chelsea
Accomplishments: Intercontinental Champion, Smackdown General Manager One of the Most Dominate and Respected Women in the WGEF's history.
Number of Years: Two Years
Current Status: Active
Feuds: Sharmaine James, Evolution, Trish Stratus-Jericho, Bishop Steel

JasonJames.jpg picture by wgefstorage1
Real Name: Bryan
Accomplishments: Tag Team Champion,
Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion
Number of Years: One and a half
Current Status: Retired
Feuds: Christian, Kaylee

GiaEryhen.jpg picture by wgefstorage1
Eryhen Adams/Gia Diamond
Real Name: Alli Martin
Accomplishments: Married to Sean Stratus, 3x Womens Champion 
Number of Years: Four Years
Current Status: Retired
Feuds: Lita, Chris Orton & The Entire Orton family
Edge.jpg picture by wgefstorage1
Jason James
Real Name: Allan
Accomplishments: US Champion and Undisputed Champion
Number of Years: One Year
Current Status: Retired
Feuds: Triple H, Phoenix Winterbourne
JeffHardy.jpg JeffHardy picture by wgefstorage1
Jeff Hardy
Real Name: Drew Martin
Accomplishments: Captured many titles as well as a few hearts
Number of Years: Three Years
Current Status: Retired
Feuds: Main Fued: Love Triangle with Faith and Lita
.Others: J Extreme. 
SummerFox.jpg picture by wgefstorage1
Summer Fox
Real Name: Kat
Accomplishments: 3x Women's Champion, TNA X-Division Champion, 2x Intercontinental Champion, Smackdown General Manager
Number of Years: Three Years
Current Status: Retired
Feuds: Trish Stratus-Jericho, Sharmaine James, Kat Sanders, Serenity Chambers

chrismichaels.jpg picture by WGEFTrish
Chris Michaels
Real Name: Mike
Accomplishments: Multi Champion. Mr. WGEF 2006 & 2007,Most Entertainin Superstar 2007, WGEF's Biggest Heel, Longest Reigning Undisputed Champion , SNME General Manager, Site Designer
Number of Years: Four Years
Current Status: Retired
Feuds: Chris Orton, JVoltz, Trish Stratus Copes, Kaylee Adams, Triple H and many others

copywrite-1.png picture by wgefstorage1