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WGEF Rampage. New Contenders
This Tuesday on Rampage, we have a main event consisting two of the biggest names in the Women’s Division as Mari Saito takes on Paris Jior to see who gets a chance to compete for the Vacated Women’s Title. Christian Cage will face Spear in a singles contest. Adalyn Raine will go against newcomer Phoenix in the second Women’s Title qualifying match. The returning Ivy Stratus teams with her fiancée Chris Kinning to take on the team of Mark Henry and Teal Moore. And in the opening match Serenity Chambers Reso takes on Britney Jericho Orton in a singles match.

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WGEF Updates
.Transition to Aimoo Started
.Rampage Card and Results Up
.Homepage Updated
.Fight Night Card and Results Up
.Rosters Updated

WGEF Poll (Poll 18)
What do you think of the fed moving to Aimoo?

Cast Your Vote Here and extras

The End is Near
Word has come down from the WGEF Corporate Offices that the company will officially move to its new home on the Aimoo network on February 16th, the day after the much anticipated pay per view ‘Whatever It Takes? WGEF Co-Owners Kaylee Adams and Trish Stratus Copes sent out a notice to all members, asking that anyone wishing to continue with the company please post their stats as soon as they can. Along with that everyone has been asked not to change their characters face or pick up any other characters or get friends to join till management is certain that everyone intending to join has done so. Stay tuned for any new information regarding the move!

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