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.The Basics
-Swearing and other forms of cursing are allowed within reason. Remember even in ‘R?rated movies, nobody swears in every sentence.
Sexual Acts again are allowed, keep it tasteful.
Attacks are allowed. We do advise you get permission beforehand, but if you don’t. The recipicant does have the right to return the attack. Either way, make it realistic.
-Raping and Killing, as I'm sure you would have guessed not allowed. I dont think we need to really say why, thats obvious.
-Any One Person is allowed at the Maximum Three Characters. Not Per Screen Name, Just Per Person. That way we dont have one person taking up alot of faces, and leaving us with problems when booking.
-Any One Person is only allowed one singles title and the Tag-Team titles. You arent allowed two singles titles, this is in order to stop single people monopolising the titles.
-And finally have fun in the federation. If you get into a heated arguement in OOC, it will be deleted and you'll get an offical warning!

The Shows
-We do have a roleplay limit, of Three Posts for a Show and Five for a Pay-Per-View. That is in order to keep things competitive.
-The First Roleplay for a Show or PPV, must be done 6 hours before the final deadline. Please remember the card is up for days before if not weeks. So it's not us who are to blame for lateness.
-Storing is not allowed, if you are found to be doing so. You will lose the match you are roleplaying for and receive and offical warning.
-For the Divas, if you make your character Pregnant, then you will not be allowed to compete for the duration of the Pregnancy.

.Requests and Debut
-When you join the federation, please remember to post your stats within 3 days of your acceptance, in FULL! That means enterance, moves, etc. If you dont, it makes it difficult for bigger shows when we want to make detailed results.
-In addition to the rule about stats being posted your debut will be expected no later then 5 days after joining. We have a sucessful place here and if your only here to take up a face then you will be kicked out unless there is a special reason behind it
-Check The Champions Page, before you request a title match in order to see if you are eligable. The lower titles US, TV, Tag Team you might be able to go for if the opportunity comes up. But if you are brand new, dont ask for a World title shot, because you wont get it.
-If you want a match, you have two ways of doing so, get into a storyline with someone in the fed, or simply request a match in the respective office, of the show you want to be on. (Trish for Rampage, Kaylee for Friday Night Fight Night)

.Other Rules
-Okay for former Champions, You are Allowed One Automatic Rematch Clause. Just One! And dont take forever in taking it, because if you take too long. We will just skip the rematch and you'll have to start from scratch and qualify again. Sorry but there are other people here too!
-If you are unable to roleplay, Make sure to let us know on the LOA Board. Dont expect us to read an ooc in your roleplay. Make it clear, because we dont read every roleplay on the General Board.
-We aren't looking for any new Managers at this time. So dont ask, if at anytime we do require new staff. We will come to you.
-Do Not Advertise on ANY Boards. If you wish to affiliate with us. Make the request. We will only affiliate if our link is also on your site.
-Made up characters- All face changes need to be approved by management. We ask that you please try to stick with your face for a resonable period of time. There's no need to change your characters face every time theres a week in the month. If you are excessive, your roster icon will just be a generic icon rather then your characters face.

-and Finally HAVE FUN! Thats why we are all here. 

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