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General : The New Happy Couple (Mari)
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From: MSN Nicknameƒıđġэŧ  in response to Message 1Sent: 2/9/2009 5:45 AM

 :Warning: This is a Mari Saito Roleplay. That means by reading this you have just stepped into my mind, their world, and the feelings that I have expressed in my roleplay....

Marirainbow.jpg picture by thiefing_rikku

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The New Happy Couple

Mari Saito, Phoenix Winterborn

vs. Paris Jior @ Rampage

Heehee, loving that cute new banner! ^_^

Phoenix Winterborn / Trust me, you don't want to be on this side of the line.


Her eyes lit up in a mischevious way, as she brushed her fingers lightly down the side of his face. "Up to me, huh? You have no idea what you're getting yourself into."

Phoenix's eyes widened in surprise at the change in his fiancée's normally demure attitude. She seemed a little bit more..playful tonight. Well, whatever had gotten into her, it was definitely contagious, as he flashed his own devilish smile at her. "Is that so?"

She nodded, kissing him lightly before sliding off his lap and running to the door. Phoenix watched her with a puzzled expression on his face as she rummaged through a bag she had brought over. She turned back to him with a triumphant smile on her face, holding a bottle in her hands. As she sauntered towards the kitchen, he saw that it was a bottle of champagne. A rather expensive brand of champagne, at that. "Where did you get that?" he asked.

She reached up into the cupboard and removed two glasses from a shelf and walked back to Phoenix, falling back down onto his lap and causing him to groan slightly. "Max sent it to me," she giggled, handing him the bottle to open. When he popped the cork, he poured out two glasses and she handed one to him, holding up her own in the air. "I think we should just stay in tonight. Lord knows we've done enough in the past few weeks! Let's just take this time to enjoy each other in this new step in our relationship. Besides, it's been a while since I've had you all to myself."

Having said that, she took a sip from her glass and looked over the rim flirtaciously at her new fiancé.

valenti93oacopy.jpg picture by thiefing_rikku

 Disclaimer: This layout was made by Diamond for Meg's purposes only, that means no stealing from her or me. If you want one just ask and don't steal if caught with this layout you will have to answer to both of us!



Entrance Music/Video


Random Fact

Mariko Kaori "Mari" Saito

Kyoto, Japan

"Girl In The Mirror" by BoA

Japan National Martial Arts Champion, CWF Women's Champion, The Asylum Vixen's Champion

Mari is in talks to design her own line of jewelry.

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     re: The New Happy Couple (Mari)   MSN NicknamePhoenixWinterborn  2/9/2009 10:16 PM