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General : Triple H your time is up
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From: MSN Nickname♥●ŃàūĝħťŷĂńģĕł•♥  (Original Message)Sent: 2/9/2009 5:51 AM

-::Kaylee Adams::-


 -::You thought I was bad before, you aint seen noiothing yet::-

OOC okay normally I wouldnt be so butchy but you deserve it and its really not fair for you to run your mouth about things you have no idea lol. And to Carlos im sorry that we didnt get to do the thread but we can start another one I guess lol. Talk to you soon.





The scene starts off a few days after Friday Night Fight Night had gone off the air. We had seen several people advance in the tournament and we had others that werent so lucky. Thats just the way the cookie crumbles you win some and you lose some. Thats just how things work, others shine while others fade away. One of those people was The Game, The Cerebral Assassin, The King of Kings, Triple H. He talked a big game but in the end he just wasnt good enough to defeat the King of Havok. Once again Triple H proved he was all talk and little action like usual. He had concentrated more on the death of Chris McKenzie then he did focusing in on his opponent. He had talked more about Kaylee Adams and the fact that her as General Manager was trying to this or trying to do that. She was getting some twisted pleasure out of the match stipulation. There were somethings that needed to be set straight and they were going to right now. A figure is seen walking through the hallways and right up into the backstage area "Hysteria" by Muse  starts to play from the speakers blasting loudly from the PA system and as it does the crowd rises to their feet and start to boo as they know exactly who is heading their way. A slow 'slut' chant starts to expand in the stands of the crowds and the lights around the stage begin to slowly change colors from pink to purple and back to pink alternating quickly and they do the same in the crowd and in the ring. A slow pink fog starts to cover the stage as the fans are amazed by the color of this unique entrance and the curtains begin to move and Kaylee finally emerges from behind the think black fabric to the fans disgust as she comes out with an evil smirk on her face. The camera zooms right in on Kaylee, who is standing at the top of the stage with a hated smile on her face from the reception she is receiving, but Kaylee does not care what these fans are thinking at this point in time. Knowing that they are just there to try and put her down she ignores them all and Kaylee then begins to walk down the ramp at her  usual pace while she looks back and forth from the side to side at all of the fans who hold up their signs that diss Kaylee and they continue to boo. A few fans pull themselves over the barricade and stick their thumbs in the air and slowly turn them upside down as Kaylee rolls her eyes at them. As Kaylee gets to the bottom of the ramp, she sees a man at ring side who is wearing one of her T-shirts and is jumping for joy with a devastating look in his eyes as if he wants Kaylee and he is so glad to finally see Kaylee to the point where he almost drops the camera in his hands down to the floor to break into small tiny particles. Kaylee smiles as if she is going to do something nice for him and she walks over to him with that same deceiving smile on her face as she simply bends over the barricade and embraces the man with what he thought was going to be a friendly hug but instead Kaylee pushes the man back in his seat and she spits on him and then positions herself so that he can take a look at Kaylee now and notice that she is not the nice little woman she used to be. As the man extends his arm out with the camera Kaylee quickly knocks it out of his hand and someone else picks it up and takes the shot of Kaylee showing her aggressive side. The crowd begins to boo even more as she brushes her hair behind her back and she smiles as if she was innocent and did nothing wrong and then walks up over to the steel ring steps. Kaylee climbs up the steps and walks onto the ring apron and rolls her eyes to some of the fans in the arena before bending down and entering the ring through the middle and bottom ropes. Standing back up in a straight position Kaylee walks up to the ropes closest to the camera first to give a shot for television before rising her arms up and placing them on her hips as she shakes her head at all of the pitiful fans. Kaylee knows that as much as they hate her they decide to take an enormous amount of pictures of her. Kaylee then turns around and slowly walks to the other side of the ring and repeats the move as Lillian Garcia begins to speak. Kelly Young : Welcome from Winchester, Massachusetts.... She is WGEF's Co-Owner …Kaylee Adams! The fans give out another boo for Kaylee and continue the slut chants as she walks over to Lillian Garcia and gives her an evil glare as she snatches the microphone from Lillian and Lillian looks at Kaylee with a strange look but Kaylee quickly sends Lillian a little message with her eyes as she takes that as her time to get out of the ring as she does. Kaylee begins walking into the center of the ring and waiting for the music to die down and for the crowd to stop their stupid chanting and bullshitting. As a moment passes, eventually the lights return to normal and "Hysteria" slowly dies down into silence after fading from the PA system and the crowd continues to chant and boo, but Kaylee then looks around as they get the feeling that it is their time to shut their damn mouths. As they start to silence down a bit that gives Kaylee her clue to raise her microphone to her lips and begin to speak to all of the ignorant fans in the building.

What are you all shocked to see me back so soon? What my time away wasnt long enough for you all? Well too fucking bad. You see I was in Hawaii enjoying my relaxing vacation with Adam when someone approached me and well decided to tell me all the shit that has been going on here. You see he told me that he was watching my usual show Friday Night Fight Nights and well there was one person who wasnt quite happy with their match. Should be no shock that it was none other then The man who is never happy about anything Triple H. You see he made some stupid messed up comments and I am here to set them straight. Hunter you really really like to make up stories huh. [Crowd laughs] What im serious you see I tracked down someone and got a copy of the footage that was aired and Well alot of shit came from your mouth. So lets discuss some of it. Roll the footage. [Footage plays of Triple H talking about how Kaylee is trying to put a wedge between them and then stops] Hmm well lets see incase you didnt notice and had your head shoved up your ass like you do often I do believe that last week I stepped down as Fight Night General Manager which means that the tournament matches had nothing to do with me. So you can take that little fact and shove it up your ass. Now onto the next footage [Footage plays of Triple H talking about Kaylee getting sick pleasure out of the match stipulation and then stops] In response to that I can honestly tell you that Once again Not the General Manager so Stipulation had nothing to do with me and as for sick pleasure? Well I can guarantee that I was getting pleasure but not from watching you in the ring. Please watching you in this ring makes me cringe. Your worthless ass taking up space on my roster, taking spots in my tournament when you cant hold your own in the ring anymore Hunter. You might want to start realizing that you are no longer a spring chicken and that you can no longer compete with the new generation. Which is why I am out here. You see Since he likes to run his mouth about me so much I have decided that well I am going to shut it for him. I decided Hunter that well your let that giant ego go to your head and I dont mean the little one between your legs, however, im not going to get into that because god knows we dont want to embarass you. Hunter I am simply out here to tell you that since you Chocked on Fight Night like you usually and lost the chance to fight for the WGEF Undisputed Championship that its time you put up. What do I mean by that exactly? What I mean Hunter is that I have had enough of your running your mouth about me and at Whatever it Takes I am going to shut it. Now I know everyone is thinking that I am crazy but I am not. So Hunter why dont you come on out and accept the match. Come on dont be scared

Kaylee stands there and waits for him to come out



Disclaimer | This layout was created by Thorn at TPS in the confides of her own Private Sanctuary. Unless you want your mortal soul damned for all of eternity, I suggest not stealing it or the banner created by Dead Powder @DAF. It would be much simpler if you just request one from me.  This layout and all material within are licensed for use by ♥●ŃàūĝħťŷĂńģĕł•♥ for her portrayal of Kaylee Adams in the federations of her choice only!! This is in no way associated with the WWE, Vince McMahon or Patricia Anne Stratigus in anyway. ©2007



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     re: Triple H your time is up   MSN NicknameTripleB4ever  2/10/2009 8:39 PM