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From: MSN NicknameTripleB4ever  in response to Message 4Sent: 2/16/2009 2:04 AM

Tammy, I guess you and I were playing Buzzer Beater again , lol, But really best of luck hun, I really enjoy your roleplays at the times I was doing mine, I did a buzzer beater poem, to reflect on how Tirple H is and what he thinks of Kaylee, but I have nothing personal against you, all in good fun, and I hope we continue to have fun in Aimoo. remember this is all for fun, not to be taken seriouslly, it was really nice playing against you again. as I succeed in doing 8 RPS for the PPV



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     re: I NEED HELP   MSN Nicknamedeath•before•dishonor  2/16/2009 4:00 AM