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Current Members--6135

This weeks album is by our member bnyankee


With his Album "bnyankee`s stuff"

The album highlights are nominated by members or picked by moderators to bring to light the hard work and dedication to our craft from our very own. If you know of a hard working scroller and would like us to honor him or her please nominate them by emailing us here:

 Members please let this scroller know of your positive feedback toward their hard work. Some albums will be beginner and some a little further ahead.

Moderators SSP

 Next album up is: 'To be announced'

 Please choose a picture from your album that you would like to be displayed and put it in the first picture location on page one of your album.
Also if you could email the mods at and tell us something about yourself
how long you have been scrolling etc.
Congratulations to the first nominations of the album of the week awards


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"Portrait Freedom Project"
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Forshey, Curtis J. SGT
Portrait was delivered  12-3-08 at 1:11 Pm , this was confirmed by USPS. BigBandEd...
MSN NicknameBigBandEd   01-07-09
Migration underway
if in the next 4-5 days the boards feel slow dont worry we are scraping the website starting anytime in the next 72 hours I am moving SSP to all three new sites we can chose which is b...
whitewolf710   01-07-09
Valentines Day Patterns
me too, please   Thanks!
MSN NicknameJninefingers   01-07-09
I'm here and waiting for the move, And I hope you don't lose all 6 years it would be such a waste. as far as the spam well that is the world we live in, and if I have to put up with offers from m...
MSN NicknameScroller991   01-07-09
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MSN NicknameScrollinrose 01-02-09
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