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Tarnsmen, riders of the great tarns,
called Brothers of the Wind,
are masters of the open sky, fierce warriors
whose battleground is the clouds and sky...
Captive of Gor, Pg. 62 
















There is the wind, the sense of the beast, the speed,
the movements, now in all dimensions,
the climb, the dive, soaring, turning,
all in the freedom of the sky!
There is here, too, a oneness of man and beast."
-Renegades of Gor, p 138

"Ko-lar," she said, indicating her collar.
"It is the same word in English!" I cried.
She did not understand my outburst.
"Collar!" I said. Eta frowned.

"Ko-lar," she repeated, again indicating the neck band of steel
fashioned on her throat.
"Ko-lar," I said, carefully following her pronunciation. Eta accepted this.
-Slave Girl of Gor, p 80

"They were wild men, of the caste of warriors, who spent much of their time in the taverns of laura, fighting and gambling and drinking, while slave girls, excited and with shinning eyes, served them and pressed about them, begging to be noticed and ordered to the alcoves.  It was no wonder that some men, even warriors, hated and envied the arrogant, regal tarnsmen, one night rich, the next impoverished, always at the elbow of adventure, and war and pleasure, wearing their pride and their manhood in their walk, in the steel at their side and the look in their eyes." (Captives of Gor, pg. 92)