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The idea of consensual slavery is founded on the concept of “consensual non-consent,?another “Lifestyle?terms in the merry go round of “Lifestyle?semantics that at best is an oxymoron term


Total Power Exchange (TPE):  I’ll start by saying that the concept of “power exchange?has limited use and meaning for Me.  It does not adequately define the depth and breadth of a committed relationship between two (or more) people that includes D/s.  Furthermore, it fails to capture the essence of the intrapersonal and interpersonal “exchange?in such a relationship.  It’s limitations and misapplications have been further exacerbated by the extension of its meaning with the hybrid term of TPE so often used as the standard to distinguish “subs?from “slaves.?nbsp; (Sharing My thoughts on this is a whole different article.  For the sake of this response I will use these terms.)


TPE is neither instant nor consistent.  TPE is a goal to be worked toward ?it is fluid rather than static.  It is defined by the quality of “fit?between My preferences and those of another person who has chosen to share herself, including her submissiveness, with Me.  A state of “total power exchange?has been achieved in My relationship when I decide I have all the power I want, not by someone else’s standards.   The sense of “power?can be can be momentary, it can be over a prolonged period of time, and I may even decide that I want less at times.