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~¤~Back Grounds of ¤~§hìftìñgWìñd~¤ 
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«Living Area»

Entering the front door, one sees the Formal Living Room.  The floors finely polished, the walls a soft eggshale beige, the Fireplace is the focal point of the room. Wooden Beams line the ceilings of almost every room.


The kitchen is light and airy, the heart of every Irish home.  It is fully equipped to fix a large plate of  Irish panfried potatoes, a rasher of bacon, homemade buttermilk biscuits and cheesy omelettes, or a blood red steak on the indoor grill with mounds of mushrooms and a salad.....


The Breakfast Table is just off the kitchen to the left.  A great place for the informal meals, and for little girls to color or their Mommas to sew, or big boys and their Dad to discuss Hockey...


The Dining Room is perfect for large Dinner Parties or cozy family Holidays.  Soft lighting adornes the rough stone walls, and the fireplace warms the tile flooring.