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~¤~Back Grounds of ¤~§hìftìñgWìñd~¤ 
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ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  Groaning as His cock is sucked between her cum stained lips ?Murmuring to her ...such a good girl ....... Ohhhh yessssss such a good, good girl!

dev says: mmmmmssss warm and rumbly around Him before slowly slipping her lips along His skin to release Him with a chaste kiss to His cockhead

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  His hand drops through the bars atop the cage to pass the handle of the leash through the bars on the door to His other hand ....

dev says: nuzzles and licks at His cock brushing her cheek against her cage with a sigh of contentment

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  Lifting the latch and opening the door .. swinging it wide as He stares at her for a moment then slaps His thigh and tugs at her leash His command snapping at her ... HEEL! ?turning slowly and begins to walk back across the room, leading her at His side ....

dev says:  slips from her cage slowly...stretching her arms and legs as she crawls alongside His feet

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  Smiling as His fingers toy with the leash in His hand ...... stopping in front of His large leather chair and pointing at it as He tugs on her leash and pulls at her collar ...... Up There!

dev says: climbs up onto the buttery leather of her Master's chair...groaning softly as her ass quivers in reminder ...

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  Looks at her kneeling in His chair ... her silvery leash dangling from her collar ..... Spread your legs now, spread them wide and sink down on the cushion and rub your wet pussy into the leather cushion .... Scent your Master's chair

dev says: blushes hotly.... pale thighs trembling as she pushes them apart...sinking her knees deep into the soft cushions until her sticky pussy brushes against the worn leather

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  Watches her as she parts her legs wide and presses her pussy into the soft leather ......rubbing the lips of her pussy on the leather .. smearing the juices into it her leash swaying more and more as she rocks forward and back ....Mmmm that’s it ?Squirm My pretty little bitch!

dev says: rocking gently as her face and throat burn... leaving wet trails of release along the seat of His chair... green eyes fluttering closed as the cool links of her leash caress her hot skin

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  Nodding approvingly as the leather begins to show signs of her juices scenting the leather ?EM>That's a good girl ....Rub Master's chair with your pussy .... Sweeten it with His girl's scent

dev says: opens her eyes...watching Him as her face burns

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  Crouching down in front of her ... Nodding His head gently and encouragingly as she wipes her pussy on the smooth leather ?the leash swinging back and forth almost hypnotically from the black leather collar around her neck ....Rub now baby ... that's right .....Squirm for your Master ....... scent His chair ....

dev says: groans softly...working the musky scent of her body into His chair with her sensitive eyes flickering to where the links of her leash catch the light as she writhes

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  That's a good girl ......Holding her leash in front of her eyes ... letting her watch it dance ... letting her feel the collar surrounding her throat as she sways back and forth in front of Him ..... leaning close to her and whispering're My pet ..... you're My girl .....give Master your scent ?. Fuck that sweet leather girl ........ make it hold your scent ...

dev says: creeps her fingers across the leather seat...turning her hand to offer her open palm with a breathy whimper...please Master...please touch me

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  Smiles as He slides his free hand beneath her, His knuckles brushing against the leather as His fingertips rub at the lips of His pet's pussy ?. Mmmmm yessssssss that's it pretty girl ....Ohhh such a pretty, pretty girl ... Master wants your scent ........

dev says: grunting softly with delight as His hot fingertips brush along her swollen pussy lips... pressing harder....forcing her thighs wider apart with a tight throbbing stretch as she grinds onto His fingers...

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  His fingertips slide further along her pussy as her warm soft flesh rubs into her Master's palm .....her leash swinging back and forth .... feeling the movement as her collar rubs against her neck

dev says: rolling her hips in a wanton dance along His hand...grunting softly every time He brushes the aching bud of her clit...

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  her tiny body rocking so beautifully in her Master's chair ...... her modest breasts moving ever so slightly with the motions of her body as His pretty pet rocks and sways as her pussy moves so smoothly against His palm ... Moving His hand back and forth as He rubs at her pussy ...... moans with pleasure at the sight and feeling of her smooth flesh ?ready to set claim to her place with her scent

dev says: arching her back as her embarrassment is forgotten...writhing in tingly pulls of heat on His hand... green eyes darkening as her belly coils tightly...slippery licks and shivers of pleasure tickling up along her skin....ohhhhhh Master....ohhhh Master

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  Nodding as He slides His hand from beneath her .... Ohhh yess CUMMMMMM pretty girl ... CUMMMMM ? Don't be shy..... scent your place ?Spill your sweet CUM into the leather ....watching her as she grinds and mashes her pussy into the cushion of His chair ....the wet streaks darkening it as she scents it with her sweet juices ...... CUMMMMM My pretty pet .... 

dev says: tiny whimpers tumbling from her lips as she presses her quaking pussy tightly into the leather...shivering and gasping...release dragging through her in a warm tingly rush...

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  Smiling wide as His dark eyes stare softly at her …His free hand stroking her neck and shoulder .. brushing her blond mane back ..... Good girl ... ohhhh good girl ? leaning close and kissing her ...... whispering softly on her lips .... you please Me ........ you please Me very much ....

dev says: blinking slowly as her body quivers beneath His touch, blushing gratefully snuggling into His embrace with happy little squirms, licking lightly at His lips with the very tip of her tongue as she purrrsss blissfully... thank You Master ?

ﺼﺸ§hìftìñgWìñdﻌﺼ:  Wraps His arms around her and lifts her up against Him...sliding an arm beneath her legs and cradling her against Him .. the coolness of her leash stretching across her breasts and belly as He turns and sits into His freshly scented chair .... covering her face with kisses as He slips His finger between her neck and the leather collar surrounding it, brushing back and forth against her pale skin and the black leather .... Sounds of content pleasure rumbling in His chest as kisses her forehead and holds His pet in His lap