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~¤~Back Grounds of ¤~§hìftìñgWìñd~¤ 
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~ShiftingWind~  Walks in silently and slowly straight toward the pretty blonde, tugging at the cuff of the black leather glove with His teeth as He struggles to fit it over His large hand  ...not saying a word as His hand finally fits inside the smooth, tight fitting, black glove matching the one on His other hand ......
hurries to her knees...pushing her thighs wide apart as she stares at Him approaching
~ShiftingWind~  Grabbing and twisting her blonde hair tight in one hand as His other gloved hand closes around the pale skin of her slender wrist, twisting her arm and bringing it around behind her back....tugging at her to get  up .....
climbs to her feet with the sharp jerk of His grip, her scalp prickling deliciously .... green eyes wide and watchful as He pulls and tugs her body silently...heat fluttering through her belly as her heart begins to race gasping quietly...unwilling to break the silence stretched out between them... 

~ShiftingWind~  Pulling her arm up just a bit higher behind her back He smiles, noticing that her fingers already have become white and twists her wrist slightly more and shoves her forward as He leads her across the room hurriedly ....

œdevils²wish glossy lips pressing into a grimace as her arm burns with discomfort...tiny fingers curling as she tugs helplessly at her arm... her hurried steps clumsy as He pushes her forward

~ShiftingWind~  Leads her right up to the wall and presses her against it as He leans on her with all His weight ....releasing her hair as He reaches for a set of padded leather cuffs dangling on the wall, the cool steel chain slaps against her ass as He quickly wraps her aching wrist in the soft padded leather of the cuff .......CLICK

œdevils²wish grunting as she's crushed between the wall and the heat of His body...short fluttery pants escaping as the cool chains lick at her ass...
~ShiftingWind~  His shoulder leaning and pressing into her back as He reaches around and grabs her other wrist .. Tugging at the chain and drawing her arm across her belly as He encircles her other wrist within the second cuff .....CLICK..... Locking it tight and letting the chain dangle against the front of her thighs ...... 
œdevils²wish growls softly...her breasts mashed into the unforgiving wall...tugging instinctively at her wrists as they're trapped in the cuffs...
~ShiftingWind~  His gloved hand once again wraps around her blonde hair tightly, yanking on the silken leash then pulling her away from the wall and turning her roughly to face Him.......
œdevils²wish bites at her lips to keep from calling out...stings licking down from her scalp to tease the strain of her eyes blinking wide and bright as she stares at Him...
~ShiftingWind~  He reaches for the chain between the cuffs and pulling her forward as He lifts her arms above her head ..... tugging her head back by her hair so she can see her wrists locked in the black leather as He loops the chain over the hook dangling above her from the ceiling


œdevils²wish mewling softly...her back arching into the pull of her arms above her head...blushing at the warm rush of heat that quivers through her belly at the sight of her little wrists held captive in the chains