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Such places, regardless of their cost, their location, their appointments, the excellence of their food and drink, the beauty of their slaves, the quality of their music, existed, as did the tavern of Hendow, for the pleasures of men. That was the purpose of such places, whether they were within lofty towers, reached by graceful bridges, or near the wharves, close enough to hear the tide lapping at the pilings, whether they had a dozen musicians or only a single, dissolute czehar player, alone with his music, whether the girls were richly silked or stark naked, save for brands and collars, whether there were chains of gold and luxurious furs in the alcoves or only wire and straw mats. 
Dancer of Gor, pg. 245

The enclosure of Philebus was, in effect, a transportable paga tavern, one so arranged that it might accompany a moving camp. 
Vagabonds of Gor, pg. 17

There was glass, and spilled paga about, and two broken tables but the musicians were again playing and again, in the square of sand, the girl performed, though not now the Whip Dance. Nude slave girls, wrists chained, hurried about. The proprietor, sweating, aproned, was tipping yet another great bottle of paga in its sling, filling cups, that they might be borne to the drinkers. There was an occasional scream from the alcoves, bringing laughter from the tables. I heard the flash of a whip somewhere, and the cries of a girl.
Raiders of Gor, pg. 105

"Paga!' called the standing man. `Paga!' A blonde girl, nude, with a string of pearls wound about her steel collar, ran to the table and, from the bronze vessel, on its strap, about her shoulder, poured paga into the goblet before the seated man. The fellow who stood by the table, scarcely noticing the girl, placed a tarsk-bit in her mouth, and she fled back to the counter where, under the eye of a paga attendant, she spit the coin into a copper bowl.
Rogue of Gor - 77

Served from a Vat
"Does Master desire ought?" asked a black girl, kneeling before me, a paga slave of the establishment. "Paga" I said to her. She rose to her feet and went to the vat behind the counter.
Explorers of Gor, -132

Temione had now filled her paga vessel. She picked up a goblet from a rack near the vat. The shelving on the rack was of narrow wooden rods. The goblets are kept upside down on the rods. In this way, washed, they can drain and dry. This also affords them some protection from dust. I watched her carefully wipe the goblet. Woe to the slave who would dare to serve paga or wine in a dirty goblet!
Vagabonds of Gor -20

From where she knelt she could see the low hanging tharlarion oil lamps of the main portion of the paga tavern, the men, the girls in silk who, in a moment, belled, would move among them, replenishing the paga. In the center of the tables, under a hanging lamp, there was a square area, recessed, filled with sand, in which men might fight or girls dance. Beyond the area of the sand and the many tables there was a high wall, some forty feet or so high, in which there were four levels, each containing seven small curtained alcoves...
Assassins of Gor, ppg. 8-9

As a paga girl I came with the purchased cup of fluid, but, of course, I, like the others, was only a lovely option; whether I served in an alcove depended entirely on the whim and appetite of the customer."
Slave Girl of Gor pg. 293

Many men, for example, come to such a tavern merely to drink, to hear the news, to visit with friends, such things. Some come to them to play Kaissa. If one is interested in a particular girl, of course, it is a simple matter to summon her to your table.
Vagabons of Gor- 401-402

Below on the first level two men began to shout and fight, squabbling over first master rights to their waitress, Lyrazina, an exquisite little collared blond from Teletus. She crouched, shrinking back, terrified, almost at their feet. Strabo, the floor master, at a sign from Aurelion, the proprietor and master of the Chatka and Curla, hurried to the combative couple, thrusting them apart. They seized at him, and I heard clothing tear. Another man from the tavern, a fellow who did odd jobs about, as Bran Loort did in Ar at the Belled Collar, leaped to the fray. 
Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 331


I rose to my feet and placed two copper tarsks on the table. I went to the girl and, with the side of my foot, kicked her, "Get to the alcove," I told her. "Yes, Master," she said, and she scrambled up, hurrying with a rustle of jewelry and bells to a leather curtained alcove. There was more Gorean applause as I followed her and, turning, from the inside, drew shut the curtains of the alcove. When I had buckled them shut from the inside I turned to face the girl. She knelt in the position of the pleasure slave, back in the alcove, on the scarlet furs, in the light of the small lamp. I looked about. there were some chains in the alcove, and a coil of rope, and a whip. "If Master desires special equipment," she said, "it will be provided by Busebius." "There is more then enough here to tame you," I said.
Rogue of Gor, pg. 13

Served from a Pot
I decided, if worse came to worst, that I could always go to a simple paga tavern where, if those of Tharna resembled those of Ko-ro-ba and Ar, one might, curled in a rug behind the low tables, unobtrusively spend the night for the price of a pot of paga, a strong, fermented drink brewed from the yellow grains of Gor's staple crop, Sa-Tarna, or Life Daughter. The expression is related to Sa-Thasna, the expression for meat, or food in general, which means Life-Mother. Paga is a corruption of Pagar-Sa-Tarna, which means Pleasure of the Life Daughter.
Outlaw of Gor - 74

Served in a cup
I ordered another cup of paga. I played a game of kaissa with another guest of the tavern. The Paga tasted a bit strange, but it was a local paga and there is variation in such pagas, generally a function of the brewers choice of herbs and grains.
Explorers of Gor, -132

"Bring me paga," I said.
"Oh," she wept, in misery. "Oh, oh."
I looked at her.
"Yes, Master," she wept, and rose quickly to her feet, hurrying toward the paga vat. I watched her withdraw. How lovely she was! How well she moved! What a slave she had become!
The enclosure of Philebus was, in effect, a transportable paga tavern, one so arranged that it might accompany a moving camp. I watched her waiting, to dip her paga vessel. How attractive, how desirable, how exciting she was! Women look well, in the service of men.
Vagabonds of Gor - 17

I slid the bronze pot toward her, across the tiles, to where, going to the end of her chain, she might reach it. "Relieve yourself." I told her, "facing me." "Yes, Master," she said and, backing toward the pot, and squatting over it, she did so.
Guardsman of Gor- 294

One of the early lessons one learns in the pens is that one is not permitted dignity or privacy. I recalled the guard from the pen who had been, for some reason, unlike the others, so cruel to me, he whose whip I had first kissed. Several times it had been he who, it seemed in anger, had elected to "walk me." Several times I must squat at the drains and relieve myself before him. Though I was a slave I found this shameful, and embarrassing. Not before him, of all, he who was so precious and special to me, he who figured in my most helplessly lascivious and submissive dreams, he whose whip I had first kissed on this rude, beautiful world! Why did he hate me so? Why did he make me do this? Why did he wish to so grievously shame and humiliate me? Is this how he wanted to think of me, or remember me, as a foul, pathetic, meaningless little animal relieving herself upon command before him? One cleans oneself, if permitted to do so, and this permission, because of hygienic considerations is seldom, if ever, denied, with what might be available. In this cell, as was presumably intended, I had done it with straw and water. That is not that uncommon. The straw is left in the vessel. We are trained to clean ourselves well, incidentally. If we do not, we are whipped. The slave is not a free woman; she must keep herself, as best she can, fresh, rested, clean, and attractive. I now sat back in the cell, my back against the wall, wrapped in the blanket.
Witness of Gor-127-128

"Sometimes, too, it is controversial as to what constitutes a garment and what a bond. For example, is a slave harness a garment or a bond; objectively, I suppose, it is both. So, too, I would suppose, are the tunic chains of Tyros. A girl may be "set off," of course, and beautifully, even if, technically, she is not clothed. She may be garbed, for example, in netting, as the "Hunter's Catch"; or she may be bedecked in jewels and leather, and shimmering chains, dancing under a whip in a tavern in Port Kar; or she may have flowers intertwined in her chains, as when she is awarded to a victor in public games in Ar."
Guardsmen of Gor- 105