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A very cordial welcome

to one and all!  

Pray for and interact freely and be a part
of that which God is doing
May your days be filled with   the good that Christ reaches forth
to bring to pass and so accomplish
in and through every aspect of your life
     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 Dalfrath  (Manager)

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Migrating my group
Here is a link to my new site but its still moving over or at least I hope more will move over, the pictures are there but some are re...
MSN Nickname†♥Amber·†♥   01-11-09
Don't Quit, Unite!
Don't Quit, Unite!12/21/08It's a long race, it seems even longer for others, battle, after battle, but if you can see yourself at the end of the race then why quit?  You...
MSN NicknameLQQKUOVER   12-21-08
†Today's thought �-- Dec 21
MSN Nicknamedalfrath   12-21-08
Giving & The Gospel
Giving & The Gospel   "If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the...
MSN NicknameLQQKUOVER   12-20-08
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