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Nickname MSN Nicknamedalfrath
Name Alfred Rathnavelu
Date of birth 7/6/1935
Location Pondicherry, India
Interests Bible study, Prayer Fellowship, Evangelism.
E-mail Intimated.
I am the Founder of this group.
Home Page
Updated 2/2/2006
Nickname MSN NicknameDesigningVal
Name Val
Date of birth 4/10/1993
Location U.S.A.
Interests Reading the Bible, Making Webpages and Reading the Our Daily Bread Devotional.
E-mail Intimated.
Hi Everyone,
I found this group when I was looking
through the list of MSN groups.
My spiritual birthday is on April 10.
Home Page
Updated 3/14/2008
Nickname MSN NicknameLadyAnna�/nobr>
Name undisclosed
Date of birth 1/4/2006
Location Currently Pocono Mountains PA/USA...we are moving soon
Interests I currently do not have time to fill this out completely
E-mail undisclosed
I was not born in 2006 lol
I am a co-manager in this group.
Home Page undisclosed at this time
Updated 1/5/2006
Nickname MSN Nicknameroamer42
Name Larry
Date of birth 4/22/1942
Location Greenfield, Ohio
Interests My main interest is God and the Bible.
My second interest is my family.
My third interest is computers.
E-mail Intimated
Comments I love Jesus because He first loved me.
I am a co-manager in this group.
Home Page One of the first pages I go to is Bible Friend.
Updated 1/8/2006
Nickname MSN Nickname1_faithful2Yah_
Name heidi
Date of birth 9/8/1955
Location north carolina, usa
Interests the WORD of the LORD, street witnessing (and encouraging others on how to do so), Prayer, home, Hebrew studies, gardening, sewing, renovations
E-mail Intimated
Comments co-manager and grateful to be here daily.
Home Page
Updated 1/8/2006
Nickname MSN Nickname†White_†_Tiger_†Luv
Name Helene Ste Croix
Date of birth 10/1/1964
Location North Eastren Ontario Canada
Interests Online Ministry/ Camping / Fishing and so on.
E-mail Intimated
May God bless your ministry here .  I found this site because I got to know Bro Delfrath from my own group. He is a faithful member and hasblessed me and many others by the ministry he has online. Bless you my brother.
Home Page
Updated 1/13/2006
Nickname MSN NicknameBeetlebomb-Rhoads
Name Mike "Beetlebomb" Rhoads
Date of birth 12/12/1942
Location Jasper, Tennessee
Interests sharing my Savior online, fishing and gardening
E-mail Intimated.
I received a note from someone to come view/join this group.
Home Page
Updated 2/2/2006
Nickname MSN NicknameAalie-
Name Aaltje
Date of birth 7/31/2000
Location Indiana, USA
Interests All about Christ
E-mail undisclosed
I was born in the Netherlands, the province of Friesland. Left in Dec. 1950 to go to the USA. Arrived in USA Jan.1951.
I was born again into the family of God in 1965. Became Spirit filled about 10 years later.
Met Dalfrath at my group and heard about his group there.
Home Page
Updated 1/11/2006
Nickname MSN Nicknamebeaniebaby918
Name Julie
Date of birth 9/18/1979
Location Knoxville Tennessee
Interests Chatting Online,Making new friends
E-mail Intimated
Hello..Im Julie..Im disabled due to having arthirtis in my back/spine..I happend to come accross this group while looking for christian groups to join..I love going to church and being with godly people..Im very shy till you get to know me though..
Home Page
Updated 8/8/2006
Nickname MSN Nickname†♥Averil†♥
Name Averil
Date of birth 9/14/1952
Location Westport New Zealand
Interests I love writting poetry, being with my Family and Friends,reading, playing on the computer and doing my homepage

You will seek me, an find me, when you seek me with all of your heart
Jeremiah 29 v 13

Home Page
Updated 1/23/2006
Nickname MSN NicknameJoshuaSalinas1990
Name Joshua Salinas
Date of birth 6/13/1990
Location Apopka, FL
Interests talkin, playing guitar, bowling, eating
E-mail Intimated.
Home Page
Updated 2/2/2006
Name †Jackie Stemley �
Date of birth 10/15/1943
Location Upper Michigan
Interests writing, music, poetry, encouragement
E-mail Intimated.
Home Page
Updated 2/2/2006
Nickname MSN NicknameWheresTheGoodInGoodbye53
Name Toni-Ann
Date of birth 3/25/1992
Location New York
Interests music, singing, Life Teen, Church
hey everyone... i found this group when i was searching for a religious group to join and go to whenever i needed spiritual help and prayer... so HERE I AM!!  umm... i'm 13 i live in New York and i am probably one of the few out of my friends who look forward to going to Mass each week...  i go to a Youth Group called LIFE TEEN every week and it's made me so much closer to Christ.... My faith is more important to me than anything else <3
Home Page
Updated 2/15/2006
Nickname MSN NicknameLouisdancercchosanna
Name Louis Barreto
Date of birth 1/28/1971
Location Puerto Rico ( The Caribbean )
Interests worship dance, mime, flag twirling. Everything praise with the creative arts!!!
E-mail Intimated.
Hello, i live in Puerto Rico. I'm Director of the arts ministry in my church, i'm glad i joined, thanks for inviting me dalfrath. Blessings.
This is a photo promo of our upcoming arts conference and a photo of our church Hosanna Christian Center in Puerto Rico.
Home Page
Updated 2/24/2006
Nickname MSN Nickname†_Matched_1�/nobr>
Name Clive Campbell
Date of birth 7/19/1951
Location Liverpool Great Britain
Interests Undisclosed
E-mail Intimated.
We have been married for a little over 20 years we both have disabilities.. Pauline has cerebral palsey and i have degenerative austioarthoritus in my spine.
Home Page
Updated 2/24/2006
Nickname MSN Nicknamescootsmom_911
Name Rachel
Date of birth 3/10/1980
Location United States
Interests God, Family, Friends, and Reading
Home Page
Updated 3/13/2006
Nickname MSN NicknameTCR740
Name Thelma Roberts
Date of birth 10/3/2006
Location South Carolina
I live in a small town, I like to read, paint,I love to spend time with our 13 grandchildren. [ when I can ]
I love people, I enjoy helping when I can,
Home Page
Updated 3/17/2006
Nickname MSN NicknameRev_Mike_Inman
Name Rev. Michael D. Inman
Date of birth 3/24/2006
Location Rolla, Missouri
Interests creating Bible devotionals and studies, Ham Radio Operator,
Comments Founder and Pastor of Restoration Ministry. Have been sending my little devotionals out for over 5 years now it has grown from the original 25 peopleto now over 10,000.
Home Page
Updated 3/24/2006
Nickname MSN NicknameLauraLee0463
Name Laura Lee Stewart
Date of birth 8/19/1960
Location Balch Springs, TX USA
Interests I enjoy taking care of my loved ones. Reading Bible and Reading on my favorite christian web sites.
I learned about this site when reviewing my Links board. Defrath had placed a link there.  Ihad to check it out.  (After reading and being inspired by his messages daily.)
I am a born again Child of God since I was 7. 
I am a mother of 3. Both daughters are married. Our son is in College. Grandmother of 5 children.
I have two sets of parents my biological parents and my foster parents.
Thanks to my foster parents and my current husband (over 20 years) I have learned what a christian home should be like. 
I have had 3 poems published. I pray in time to be a Christian writer for young children.
I began my website Do You Believe, in MSN My Groups to fullfill a promise I made to my Lord when I was a teen (70's). I back slid and have reasked the Lord to forgive me and thanked him for never giving up on me.
In 2004 I was placed in ICU with pancreatitus.  After 2 years of in out of the hospital with near death experience 2 may be 3 times. I now have diabetes. Due to all my questions on Diabetes and no answers I have begun a website for diabetes with hopes to help others and help myself learn more. 
My Life verse - Joshua 1:9
Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.
I would love to go to Holland and Austrialia some day.
Please come visit me at my websites
  • Visit me at web sites I manage
  • Many Denominations One God  Do you believe? 
  • Share your diabetic tips with others at Diabetes
  • Things I have created WRITINGS OF LASSO
  • Home Page
    Updated 10/7/2007
    Nickname felwenyaa
    Name Felistas
    Date of birth 6/19/1970
    Location Kakamega , Kenya
    Interests singing gospel music,evangelism,church planting
    Hi fellow members,praise the living God!
         Iam a born again christian from western kenya.I learned about this group when i was going through a message send to me by Christ cares for his children,an msn group.I have also been enjoing poems from  this manager
    through the above group
            May God bless you so much as you lead us all.
    Home Page none
    Updated 7/12/2006
    Nickname MSN Nicknamechildofgod1954
    Name Pam
    Date of birth 8/1/2006
    Location Tennessee
    Interests Reading the bible, christian music spending time with family and making friends
    I am a grandmother of 8 and we are raising our only 2 granddaughters.
    I love making new friends and sharing the word of our Lord.
    We live about 45 minutes from the Great Smokies in the country.
    Home Page
    Updated 8/2/2006
    Nickname MSN NicknameWounded_soldier1
    Name Faye Marie
    Date of birth 9/10/2006
    Location New Zealand
    Interests People, salvation, faith, hope, love, humility, patience and all that God has to offer us.......The Word of God, eternity, building the Kingdom of God and last but by no means the least My Lord and Master whose name is Jesus Christ the Rock of my Salvation in whom I put all my faith my hope my joy. Worship! Prayer and learning as much as I can from my Lord and Master!
    I found this group via Lady Anna' group StillWaters, by chance as I was wondering around the site and clicked into here.  I am a RegisteredNurse and Alcohol and Drug Counsellor.  My primary work is in Mental Health which I have been doing for almost 20yrs called by the Lord into this field.  Mental health and addiction are my 2 primary passions in working with people.  A burden from the Lord I guess you could say and I feel very privileged to be working in this area. The Lord sustains me and I give Him all the glory for all things in my life.  He is my Provider. 
    He is a Great God a Merciful God the One True God in whom I have learnt that He is forever with us to the end.
    I enjoy learning and have such a hunger for the Lord in my life and to see His Kingdom come in the lives of ALL mankind.  I can't seem to get enough of the Lord in my life.
    Truthfully speaking I can't wait to go home to be with my Lord however there is much to do.  So on that note to the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Blessings and much love to you ALL in Christ Jesus!!!!!!!!!
    Home Page
    Updated 9/10/2006
    Nickname MSN Nicknamejbyrd_9
    Name Stephanie
    Date of birth 2/22/1956
    Location Wayne, PA
    Interests Bible study, reading, ceramics
    I was save 26 years ago and back slid more times than I could could count.  Four years ago.  I found a group on yahoo that really mademe think and rededicate my life and I have been rooted and grounded every since.  I have since become an Evangelist and right now I have a women's christian group for women who are struggling on yahoo.  I love to teach and lead.  The Lord said that He would make me fisher of men and I have and continue to cast my nets to catch all of the Lord's lost children.  I love to pray.  I love to spend time in the Lord's presence.  His love and His tender mercies is what has kept me on His path to righteousness.
    Home Page m/a
    Updated 9/14/2006
    Nickname jos
    Name panackal
    Date of birth 10/17/2006
    Location Jordan
    Interests Bible study
    Dear Brothers,
    Please answer the following question,
    1. Who is the God ?
    2. Tell me the name of the God?
    Send me email please
    Jos Panackal
    Home Page
    Updated 10/17/2006
    Nickname Madel
    Name Bianca
    Date of birth 9/2/1977
    Location Baumholder, Germany
    Home Page
    Updated 1/11/2007
    Nickname MSN Nicknametheboss25889
    Name Allen Geroge
    Date of birth 8/25/1989
    Location England
    HI people,
    I am Allen doing medical Engieering in the university of BATH in the United Kingdom.
    I am A christian whowas brought up and been all my life in chennai until skool
    Home Page
    Updated 1/12/2007
    Nickname MSN Nicknamevisi1112
    Name marvin banfield
    Date of birth 4/10/1949
    Location Jackson Kentucky
    Interests communication, bible study,hiking
    Comments Hi everyone I was really happy to find this group, Iam still trying to find my way around msn. So please bare with me..Thanks for allowing me to be apart of this group...God Bless You all
    Home Page none/yet
    Updated 1/26/2007
    Nickname MSN NicknameAllan_Y_Marisela
    Name Allan McDougall
    Date of birth 2/28/1942
    Location Guelph Ontario Canada
    Interests Sharing the Scripture and Gospel
     Author and publisher of:

    Twelve Times Twelve Steps With A Conscious Contact is a publication of Freedom From - Freedom To and is dedicated to serving Christians Worldwide with a twelve step guide to Biblical Scriptures and Gospel. We are not considered to be an A.A. program and our intention is to spread the Word of God to all who might be willing to listen and practice.

    *The Twelve Steps are reprinted with permission of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc. Permission to reprint and adapt the Twelve Steps does not mean that A.A. agrees with the views expressed herein. A.A. is a program of recovery from alcoholism only. Use of The Twelve Steps in connection with programs and activities which are patterned after A.A. but which address other problems, or in any other non A.A. context does not imply otherwise. Additionally, while A.A. considers itself a spiritual program, its Preamble specifically recites that A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, organization or institution . . . "


    1.We admitted we were powerless - that our lives had become unmanageable.

    2.Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

    3.Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

    4.Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

    5.Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

    6.Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

    7.Humbly asked him to remove our shortcomings.

    8.Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.

    9.Made direct amends to such people wherever possible except when to do so would injure them or others.

    10.Continued to take personal inventory and when we were

    wrong promptly admitted it.

    11.Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our

    conscious contact with God as we understood him, praying only for knowledge of his will for us, and the power to carry that out.

    12.Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps we tried to carry this message to others, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

    Home Page
    Updated 2/1/2007
    Nickname MSN NicknameForeverYours1764
    Name Ann Nedd
    Date of birth 3/6/1948
    Location Tobago, West Indies
    Interests Seeking God, Poetry, Internet Groups
    This continues to be a great site.  Keep up the good work.
    I am inviting all Christians who are amateur poets to share their poetry with our group at:
    I am building a collection of my own poems at:
    Other poets are welcome to contribute their poems there as well.
    Yours respectfully,
    Ann Althea Nedd
    Home Page
    Updated 2/28/2007
    Nickname MSN Nicknamerafelina19
    Name rafaela espinal
    Date of birth 2/19/1987
    Location santo domingo Dominican republic
    Interests many things
    Comments Im a christian girl. if you need prayer or speak from God, you can written me. I not speak fine the english but i hope to learn more. God bless you!
    Home Page only I was Curious
    Updated 3/9/2007
    Nickname MSN Nicknametotallylovedbygod4
    Name keith hobkirk
    Date of birth 1/1/1999
    Location UK
    Interests writing articles, reading, sports, travel, building and maintaining my website
    Hello Everyone
    My name is Minister Keith, I am known to everyone on Msn as totallylovedbyGod. that is what I am blessed be his Name.
    I have a website, which you may like to visit.
    Please feel free to e-mail me at any time
    In His Service
    Minister Keith
    Home Page
    Updated 5/17/2007
    Nickname Ozzi
    Name Ken
    Date of birth 1/21/1945
    Location Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia
    Interests Toastmasters, a little writing.
    I drifted away from God in my teenage years, now in my 60's I'm looking to find him again.
    Home Page
    Updated 6/24/2007
    Nickname Tammy04_Fl
    Name Tammy
    Date of birth 4/17/1958
    Location Tampa, Fl
    Interests Study the Bible, Nature, Arts/Crafts
    Home Page
    Updated 8/29/2007
    Nickname MSN Nicknamesweetpee813050
    Name rev.sharon
    Date of birth 1/8/1955
    Location texas
    Interests saveing souls/spreading Gods holy word
    E-mail or
    i have a street ministry and work with the homeless feeding and clothing them and helping some familys with food & gas & cloths when i can i do most of this on my own and really need help in prayer for more people to donate to help feed the hungry so please pray God will send me financial help please keep me in prayer i know God will provide all thats needed and i believe God still does miracles today because i'm a liveing testimony to thats. God bless you all and thank you for your friendship                  your sister in Christ  sharon
    Home Page
    Updated 10/2/2007
    Nickname MSN NicknameCortWynn
    Name Cortney
    Date of birth 12/2/1985
    Location Missouri
    Interests The Lord, My husband, BeautiControl, My lovely puppies, and anything girly!
    I am 21 years old and was married to an amazing man on 3-3-07! I am growing more than ever in Christ in this time of my life and I feel this strong resistance in my life for studing the word. I feel everytime I open the Bible I have a hard time reading, understanding, and I am so distracted. I really need a group of people to keep me accountable and to keep me in the word everyday. I know that I will not grow with out my dialy bread and I need all the enouragement I can get!
    Home Page
    Updated 10/5/2007
    Nickname MSN Nicknameamarbob
    Name sobhan
    Date of birth 4/23/1965
    Location india
    Interests helping christians in need
    God Bless You All
    Home Page
    Updated 12/2/2007
    Nickname MSN Nicknamerevsrbabu
    Name Rev.A.Solomon Rajan Babu
    Date of birth 11/7/1952
    Location India, Tamilnadu, Tiruvannamalai
    Interests Reading, walking and computer
    Comments I am chruch pastor working among dalits,Gpyses, and refugees camp to liberate them from bandage. Running a orphanage for 50 children.Seeking donars for orphan children.
    Home Page try to create a web page
    Updated 12/4/2007
    Nickname MSN NicknameMoonRaven541
    Name Jamie
    Date of birth 8/12/1981
    Location Westminster
    Interests reading, computer games, reading and writing poetry, writing short stories, journaling, playing with my dog, meditation, coloring, and word searches. I'm also the biggest Harry Potter fan.
    Home Page
    Updated 3/9/2008
    Nickname MSN Nicknameoscarwms
    Name Oscar Williams
    Date of birth 2/15/1943
    Location Philadelphia, PA
    Interests Biking, photography, ministry, my wife [LOL]preaching, counseling, writing
    I'm a graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University with a Diploma in Biblical Studies.(Doctrine&Theology) I am now persuing a Bachelor of Arts in Pastorial Studies. I live with my wife of 14 years. I am a licensed and ordained minister and former Asso. Pastor .
    Home Page
    Updated 3/16/2008
    Nickname MSN NicknameKSlater85
    Name Kyle Slater
    Date of birth 12/14/1981
    Location Canada
    Interests Computers
    I am a heavy equipment operator in northern Alberta. Just want a Christian group to hang out with and discuss the Bible with. I belive the Bible is without error.
    Home Page N/A
    Updated 3/24/2008