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Praises are due to the only God; Jesus Christ is His name.  What an awesome priviledge it is to share with you the ministry of the L.I.G.W Community.  Here the purpose and goal is to give our Savior the glory and the praise because it belongs to Him.  Studying and sharing the Word of God to meet our own as well as each others needs is done here.  Fellowship, prayer, praise and worship to the Lord Jesus Christ is something that strived for every believer in this site. If you aren't saved (yet), come and hear the Gospel of Christ preached.  " And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved" Acts 2:47 (KJV)   All are welcome.  <>< 
Also visit my other Christian site as well. 
These groups are  approved by the management of Bible Friend 4/24/05


MSN NicknameSaintsrighteous




This group is approved by the management of Bible Friend 4/24/05






Blessings and Lessons of Life
The Collective Online Poetry of Joyce C. Lock - free,
when used in their entirety, for non-profit ministering purposes.
Christianity Made Simple

Articles, poetry, testimonies, short stories, quotes, humor,
and greetings are among the variety of pages this site has to offer.
Something for everyone, a must see!
Heavenly Inspirations
Where God reigns upon the throne of our heart.
These links are approved by the management of Bible Friend 4/24/05


MSN Nicknameheavenlyinspirations




welcome to tim's blog.. 

I bought a book, purpose driven life, wirtten by Rick Warren yesterday.
I am Korean University Student, but now I am studying English in the Philippines.
I always prayed in home country, however, after came here it seems that my faith is getting weaker.
So I want to power up my faith.
This book is more than a book, It is a guide to a 40-day spiritual journey that will enable you to discover the answer to life's most important question. The next 40 days will transform my life.
This writer strongly urge us to get one or more friends to join me in reading this book during the next 40 days. A journey is always better when it is shared.
So, I am looking for friends.
Would you join me?
This web site is approved by the management of Bible Friend 4/24/05


MSN NicknameShelteredTim







View And Laughter



This group is approved by the management of Bible Friend 4/24/05


MSN NicknameLadyAnna�/nobr>




Rules for MembersSites/LINKS :
1) Must be a current member for link to stay on this links board.   If a link is within this page and the one who posted the link is not a member ...the link post will be deleted.
2)  Must be a clean friendly group upon inspection.  We will approve a group that has Christian content and lifts up Christ.  We also will approve a good family type group.  We will most likely approve all clean and friendly G rated groups.


1)  All groups links or web site links will be inspected for approval to remain on the links page.
2)  No locked groups are allowed we can not view for approval ...we must be able to view all groups and web sites to be able to approve them to remain on this links page.
3)  All attempts will be made on my behalf to improve your link input.  I will even go to your group looking for pictures and whatever I can find to improve your input if necessary to help you in having a good impression as others view your posted links in this page.
4)  All links will be checked on every so often to see if they are in good working order.  If an link isn't working all attempts will be made to correct that problem for you.  Any links to groups or web sites that no longer exist will be deleted.
5)  This Links page will be checked on and updated often.
6)  The settings have been changed for the Links Page.  Only Managers and the member who makes the link can edit their link.  No other member will be able to edit your link post.  So if you will help keep your link post up to date it would also help alot.
7) You may put in a seprate entry for each group you manage or assist in, or one entry for them all.  Its up to you how you want to do it..but most of all...feel free to use this area to promote your groups..â™?/FONT>


MSN NicknameLadyAnna�/nobr>




Click on the above picture to view the groupâ™?/FONT>
This group is approved by the management of Bible Friend 5/13/05
â™?~ ~ ~ â™?/FONT>
This group is under re-construction


MSN NicknameLadyAnna�/nobr>





Welcome To

Sis4Jesus & Dottie, Managers
This group is approved by the management of Bible Friend 7/7/05


MSN NicknameLadyAnna�/nobr>




This group is approved by the management of Bible Friend 7/7/05


MSN NicknameLadyAnna�/nobr>




We believe in the God of the Bible and have embraced the salvation provided through His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe God is at work today through the power of His Holy Spirit.
A Walk With Jesus
We offer spiritual uplifting of the soul
 through Biblical insight, devotionals, prayer and poetry.






"You Are Welcome Here"

Join the group and follow with us

 in the footsteps of Jesus

This group is approved by the management of Bible Friend 02/12/08


MSN Nicknameclazikas





UWG Ministries is a ministry geared toward winning souls for Jesus Christ. 
Also please join Our Women's Forums at:

Manager:  Prophetess Sharon

Visit Our Ministry's Web Site at

Prophetess Sharon Crawford

This group has been approved by the management of BibleFriend group.

October 27, 2005.



MSN Nicknamedalfrath




Christian Art and Graphics is a place for fellowship and to find over 9,000 free graphics, animations and clip art.  I enjoy reading posts and sometimes a graphic or picture comes to mind that would be perfect for the message. I think more people would love to enjoy the pictures as I have if they knew it were available. We have a safe and friendly community and feel you will find this site to be both inspiring and helpful. Please come and check us out. God Bless, Maggs

Below is a list of the photo albums offered in the group with over 9,000 pictures
Jesus #2 Photo albums with 334 Pictures
Christian Art  #7 Photo albums with 637 Pictures
Thank you
You're welcome
Thanks for sharing
Tag please & picked up
Good morning #3 Photo albums with 406 Pictures
Good night
Have a nice day
Mailbox & signing in
Country & States
Backgrounds #5 Photo albums with 796 Pictures
Small smiles
Tiny things
Funny  #2 Photo albums with 154 Pictures
Nice pic's  #5 Photo albums with 723 Pictures
Jewish holidays
Christmas #2 Photo albums 335 Pictures
Christmas Backgrounds
Happy New Year
Get well
ABC's & numbers
Bump - snag
Siggies #7 Photo albums with 1826 Pictures
Christmas Siggies


MSN Nickname†♥Amber·†♥




"You are welcome!  Come join us at 
 LIFE IN HIS NAME ---Christian groups.
This group is approved by the management of Bible Friend 02/12/08
Lord bless your day
Clint710 <(((>(


MSN NicknameClint710






Welcome This is a new loving, caring Christian family group, Where Jesus is Owner.
Come join us, We have multiple message Boards and adding more everyday.
"G" Rated Post Only Please. Before Posting think would Jesus post this or allow it. Praise The Lord!
Jesus is our Savior, without him we have nothing, not even life.
Click Below To Join:


MSN NicknameAZ_ButterflyAngel