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Realm of ImmortalityContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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//~ An Eddie Guerrero Tribute, One Year Later...

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Viva La Raza




Character Name: Seifer

Real Name: Seifer Jacobs

Face: Y2J

Hometown: Miami, Florida
Theme Song: "Trucker Anthem" by Kid Rock
Announced From: Miami, Florida

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 247 lbs

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown
Trained By/At: --

PWT Accomplishments:
   - Signed
   - Heavyweight Champion
   - Titanium Champion
   - Tag Team Champion
{w/ Sean Hunter}
   - 2006 Match of the Year

Other Accomplishments:
   - Multiple Pro Wrestling Illustrated Annual Awards: Wrestler {2}, Match {3}, Feud {2}, Face {2}, Heel, and Tag Team
Out of Character Accomplishments:
   - GQ Man of the Year
   - Has two doctorate's, one in Business and the other in Communications
   - People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive
   - Owns his own island "Seifer Del Sol" rumored to be in the Caribbean between the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos
   - Has working on a futuristic city for the past couple years. Undisclosed location
   - Has a Space Station: Seifer p. 36 Eridani
Wrestling Attire:

Arena Attire: If your character cuts a backstage promo or is seen in a non-wrestling environment, what would he or she typically be wearing.

Favorite Weapon(s): Steel chair wrapped in barb wire.

Favorite Match(es):
Any steel cage environment, and his own specalty matches.

Least Favorite Match(es):
Manager/Managing: -- Does

Tag Team Partner(s): --Is

Stable: --Is

Crowd Alignment: Heel

Quotes: -- Any
Move List
Trademark Move(s): These
Finisher(s): This
Style: The
Shockwave Entrance:


Pay Per View Entrance:


Character Bio: "Veni, Vedi, Veci".