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Realm of ImmortalityContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Elite Wrestling Revolution Staff

The Staff here at Elite Wrestling Revolution. These are the guys who bring you behind the scenes, and on camera action. They're the ones who also make this possible so treat them with respect.


Name: Mace
Position: Co-Owner / Executive Consultant
Alignment: Face
Duties: Making YOUR life hell.
Attitude:  Mace.. The One.. The God of War.. The Biggot, but now Mace    
adopts a new name.. The Owner. With his recent comeback to the Wrestling
World, he's decided to Co-Own a business with Seifer, Jacob and Lynch. We
all know Mace is one of amusing and entertaining wrestlers to step foot into
the wrestling world, but can he relate that into his owning methods and
make the EWR nothing short of it's name.. An Elite Wrestling Revolution?

Name: Seifer
Position: Co-Owner / !?!!
Duties: NICK! RA!
Attitude: Nick is nice, Seifer is TEH BUD EXCLUSIVE CHAMPIONS OF TEH 

Name: Jacob Mitchell
Position: Co-Owner
Alignment: Variable
Duties: Handles business off camera.
Attitude: "The Prodigal Son" proved to everyone that he can not only be a
successful champion in a federation, but he can own one too. CCW was more
like a "Trial and Error" for Jacob and Seifer. Now, with the guidance of the
nWs once again he can prove everyone WRONG on his business abilities.

Name: Lynch
Position: Co-Owner / Superstar
Alignment: Variable
Duties: Match Assignments (Part Time), On-Camera Business Handler
Attitude: Lynch is a very physical, arrogant, and dominant person. He also
has what it takes to be an owner of a federation. If physicality is needed in
enforcing the rules, then look no further for the man you need to take care
of business. Lynch has a cocky attitude and is willing to step into the ring
every once in a while if it's needed. The Abhorring Assailant also has the ability
to make matches at times. A word of warning: don't get on his bad side.


Name: Daniel Courien
Position: Color Commentator
Alignment: Variable
Duties: Commentating on ALL matches that happens in the EWR
Attitude: When Rob Hughs decided that he wasn't going to make a return   
to the wrestling ring, Jacob and Seifer frantically searched all over for a man
that could fill Rob's shoes. Then while Seifer and Jacob were in Portland they
stumbled onto a wrestling show with a commentator that would match Aaron
wits wise, and Mikey wrestling wise. That man being Daniel Courien

Name: Aaron "The Monarch" Stevens
Position: Color Commentator
Alignment: Neutral, More towards a Heel
Duties: Commentating on ALL matches that happens in the EWR
Attitude: Aaron made his debut "commentating" in EWR, leading off with Ro
Hughs. Now, after Jacob and Seifer seen that Aaron can do a very good job
then decided to hire him back. Although now he returns with Mikey, Aaron
still misses out on the pure wrestling knowledge that Rob had.. but knows
that Daniel knows just as much as Rob did. 

Name: Mikey Harborson
Position: Color Commentator
Alignment: Neutral
Duties: Commentating on ALL matches that happens in the EWR
Attitude: Mikey was originally hired in the EWR to fill the place of Stifler after
both Seifer and Jacob decided to terminate his contract. With unlimited jokes
and wrestling knowledge, Mikey seems to be the balance between the two 
others that he has to work with.  

The Inverviewers

Name: Blaine Keptner
Position: EWR Backstage Interviewer
Alignment: Heel
Duties: Backstage interviewer for Brutal Mentality and Pay Per Views.
Attitude: EWR went out of business two shows after Blaine was hired. So the 
people never got to see Blaine's full extent of being a prick. When he was told
that he was going to be contacted by Seifer and Jacob to a interviewer, his
ego expanded and literally blew like Jim in American Pie after touching Nadia. 

Name: Jordan Brooks
Position: EWR Backstage Interviewer
Alignment: Face
Duties: Backstage interviewer for Brutal Mentality and Pay Per Views.
Attitude: Jordan is a nice country girl from Memphis. She supposely knows
a few people that worked for the EWR, and got the job. Jordan is the one
interviewer that won't try and mess with your mind, she just tries to do her
job and keep a positive attitude.  She's beautiful and very modest. Everyone 
backstage respects Jordan.. well most of everyone. Envy is everywhere!

Name: Thomas David Cage
Position: EWR Backstage Interviewer
Alignment: Neutral
Duties: Backstage interviewer for Brutal Mentality and Pay Per Views.
Attitude: Formally known as "Thomas Cage". Thomas decided that he would 
switch the style up by using his full name on the air. How this is relevant to the
EWR is unknown. Thomas once again brings us the comedy that everyone
fiends for. Thomas does know Kung Fu so watch out.

Ring Announcer

Name: Christine Kharine
Position: Ring Announcer
Alignment: Face
Duties: Announces the superstars during their entrances.
Attitude: Christine is just your typical ring announcer. She tries to avoid any   
kind of physical altercation with people. Her downfall is her flirtacious personality
that isn't respected by a lot of divas backstage. After getting into petty hair and
scratch catfights backstage in the EWR, Christine learned that she needed to
be a different person if she wanted to be liked by her peers. Has she changed?
Probably not, but that's what makes Christine.. Christine!