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Realm of ImmortalityContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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|| - Elite Wrestling Revolution Basic Rules - ||

Elite Wrestling Revolution prides itself in being a fed, in which you will be able to test your RP Skills against other excellent RPers. The EWR's rules aren't communist, though they do create a meaning to being professional.
Basic Rules

-- There will be no killing or kidnapping RP's allowed within the EWR, unless the parties involved are aware of it and you notify the managers, so we don't freak out when we see it.

-- There is a ONE FACE limit. The only other way their could be two faces the same is if someone is RPing as the real character and if someone is using the face.

|| - Elite Wrestling Revolution Character, Group and Posting Rules - ||

Participant / Posting Rules

-- Before you debut, post your stats. This is a MUST.
- Please when you join, get your stats up as soon as possible so we can get you on the Roster Page. Also, we will not book you in any matches unless we have your stats.

-- You can do sexual rps but make sure you have a "warning" on the very top of the post. If you begin the thread also make sure you title it with "mature", "adult" or "xxx rated". There are some people that RP here who don't care to read that stuff and we don't need bitching because they clicked on a link that wasn't titled.

|| - Elite Wrestling Revolution Winning/Losing and Complaining Rule - ||

Winning, Losing & Complaining
-- When you have a match, we will base it on the Quality over Quantity basis. We have four of the most profone judges that can tell a good RP from an RP with a lot of fillers. In order to win you match you must out rp your opponent. When we say out rp, we don't mean post a million three line posts. We mean beat them with quality and not quantity.

-- If you want to quit the EWR for whatever reasons, so be it. Have a nice life with whatever you do, and wherever you go. But remember we have a 3 day policy which means that we have the right to use your character up to 72 hours until after you join. So keep this in mind if you want to bash us.

|| - Elite Wrestling Revolution Miscellaneous Rules - ||

Miscellaneous Rules 

-- There are always people who will find loopholes in the rules or things that Management may have left out. So make sure you check the rules everyone in a while, if it's something big we will make note of it on the boards.

-- Use your common sense when it comes to what you should and shouldn't do on the boards or post in a roleplay.

-- There is to be NO bashing / harassing other members on the OOC board or in Chat. You've got a problem with someone take it messenger or to the RP boards and do it in character.

-- There will be NO harrassing any of the management on im for any personal reason.

-- This may seem like a lot of rules but really we just want to keep this site running smoothly. We're pretty laid back about most things but a good RP Site always has a strong set of rules. And remember, we're here to have fun. So stop reading and go HAVE FUN!!

©2005 Elite Wrestling Revolution, Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


[EWR Jobber List.]

Back in the old days of fedding, organisations would use a "jobber list" which role-players could use in their role-plays. These were usually characters made by the e-fed for your own uses. You could wrestle them, break things over their head, humiliate them and so forth. As I'm bringing the old school element back to e-fedding, here are your jobbers who you can use for whatever perverted and foul deeds you want. There is only one rule, you cannot kill them. That's illegal.

Jobber #1: Gade Giles.
Gender: Female.
RP Personality: Cocky bitch, egotistical.

Jobber #2: Duckus.
Gender: Pre-pubescent male.
RP Personality: Deliriously self-obsessed, stubborn, and slow.

Jobber #3: Faithful [to no-one].
Gender: Female?
RP Personality: She doesn't have one. Feel free to use her in your own ways.

Jobber #4: Suck.
Gender: Male.
Rp Personality: "King asshole", is sexually attracted to large mammals, especially ones with harpoon scars.

Jobber #5: El Smallo
Gender: Sometimes wears makeup, so classifed as an "It".
RP Personaility: The Self Proclaimed "Icon of Hardcore" is 3ft tall. Extremely moronic and delusional.

Jobber #6: Ank Trout
Gender: Male
RP Personality: As Gangsta as Vanilla Ice. He may hurt you with his horrible grammar.

Jobber #7: Nayr Egar
Gender: Male
RP Personality: Puts himself over too much. Acts as if he's God's Gift to Wrestling.

Jobber #8: The Elapid
Gender: Male
RP Personality: He worships Satan. He claims that he's "The Neighborhood Asshole". Hurt him.

Jobber #9: Gayson Gayge
Gender: Male
RP Personality: Style byter. Copies people looks and nicknames.

Jobber #10: Vulture Buzzard
Gender: It
RP Personality: Gothic, insanely depressed.