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Realm of ImmortalityContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Elite Wrestling Revolution Roster

Please fill out the tables below. You have 48 HOURS to post something. Anything. If you do not post anything by then, we will cancel your membership and you'll be forced to join again. Post your stats on the Statistics Board. You will not be added to the roster until you debut or post something letting us know what's going on.


Also, before debuting check the
Staff page to see who to use. We have made our own set of staff to be different from the rest of the feds out there. Please use the designated individuals that's listed on the page. 
Face Name: ???
Alignment: ???
Theme Music: "???" by ???
Status: ???
Finisher: ???

Name: Character Name
Face: ???
Hometown: ???
Age: Character Age
Height: ???
Weight: ???

Theme Music: "What" by Who
Alignment: Neutral/Face/Heel
Status: Superstar, Diva...etc

Wrestling Style: ???

Weapon of Choice: ???

Basic Moves:

Trademark Moves:???


Favorite Quotes:???



Name: Jacob Mitchell
Alignment: Neutral
Theme Music: "The Chauffeur" by Deftones
Status: Superstar
Finisher: The Prodigal Drop


Name: ???
Alignment: Neutral
Theme Music: "???" by ???
Status: Diva
Finisher: ???